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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Dull in so many ways

Two fat quarters,
just because I love the colours and designs.
 We always covered our school books with brown paper
mine always had ban the bomb on them. 
 I have just finished this book
I enjoyed the story, very different from my normal read. 
 My Roses
 Will's Quilt
It's such a dull week here, the sun has hardly shown, very grey and cloudy, I have had lights on in the afternoons. Having said that, we missed all of the storms, just had a few windy days and a bit of rain, along with the strange skies.
Daughter took me out on Tuesday just for a couple of hours, we went to a new to me fabric shop, where I got the two fat quarters shown above, lovely colour on a dull day. The cost has been added to my stash list.
I have finished The Handmaid's Tale, interesting book, different from my normal read, I enjoyed it, the plot is a bit like 'Big Brother as in 1984', I am going to watch the TV adaptation over the weekend, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the plot.
I have also started stitching Will's cot quilt, I am working much slower than normal, but I am pleased with it so far, all the extra time I took when cutting it out has ensured all the corners are neat.  I am home alone on Sunday, so the hope is to get it finished, I have every thing I require to make it.
Hubby cooked a lovely Turkey crown as a roast on Tuesday, he always cooks too many veg's, so I blended the leftovers, added the turkey stock and made soup for lunches for two days, it was lovely. With the leftover turkey, I used an oven proof dish, I had a tray of cooked stuffing, so I cut into cubes and mixed with shredded turkey and cranberry sauce. On the top I cut Parma ham into slices, and reheated in the oven, both hubby and I enjoyed our pie, the sauce kept the meat moist, some of the stuffing was soft and other bits we crispy, the ham crisped up. The colours are bland, so it never looks great, but we both love the taste, it is the first time I have added the ham, and will always make it this way. We always have one meal like this after Christmas, we find it's a good way to get rid of leftover turkey.
I am being very good and taking my antibiotics, and starting to feel a bit better, I will do anything to avoid another day like last Sunday. Plus taking things much slower, I will see mummy and Will this afternoon, just a catch up, so loads of cuddles and laughter.

Monday, 16 October 2017

A change of plan

This is cake number 2, cooked yesterday
1st cake is cut into, hubby and daughter love fruit cake. 
 I am missing - brilliant book, clever.
A family secret - a light read, won't choose another book from this author. 
 Hubby got me roses on Saturday, half price from the Co-op
 Another gift from hubby
I have wanted this book for ages. 
When I cooked my Christmas cake, I found I had enough ingredients to make another, hubby gave me the big eyes, daughter came to visit and wanted to take some home with her. The first cake overcooked a bit on one side, so I was happy to make this second cake, plus Will tried some of my cake and tried to get more. Our house has smelt of spices for days.
We had Will overnight on Saturday, mummy and daddy had a night out with friends, Will was lovely, he woke up at 11pm when we went to bed, I hoped he would settle, but after giving him a bottle he slept through to 7.30am. We had plenty of play time before mummy came to pick him up. We feel it is very important Will's parents have some fun adult time together and with friends.
Hubby and I went out for a Sunday carvery yesterday, we had a nice meal, but we would not go back again, we are looking for a nice place to go at end of the month with daughter, her hubby David and Will, and David's parents.
We did not get the weekend weather we were promised, it is very mild here, I did nothing in the garden, spent loads of time reading.
I am having a day at home, I was unwell yesterday, enough for me to call our local doctors surgery, which does not have out of hours cover, redirected to NHS 111. I called at 6.45pm and was told a doctor would want to speak to me and would call me back, go to A&E if feeling worse. At 2.30am the controller called to say I was not forgotten, but they were very busy and a doctor would speak to me, I said forget it, I would see my own doctor this morning. If this is our NHS system, I can fully understand why our A&E departments are so stretched, I understand doctors (GP's), need to have time off, but if the system is so broke at local level, how can it catch up, which leads to everyone in A&E. I have always thought those in the medical profession are angels, but those who control the system are devils.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Spiced up

I show this each year, 
my typed Christmas cake recipe
used for the last 20+ years. 
 I don't used the orange juice,
I use the zest and juice of 2 oranges and 2 lemons
soaking over night
 I picked this tiny bunch of flowers from the garden
the vase is one from Win's house, her nephew let me choose a few items.
I have loads of flowers still in bloom.
Another good book
Set in Scotland
The house is full of spice, it smells lovely, I love cooking our Christmas cake, it will be in a low heat oven for 5 hours. It's the one cake I always cook myself. I have never looked for another recipe, this one works for me, I always use the juice of orange and lemons, if I'm using the zest, I like to use all of the fruit, the juice does not evaporate when cooking, so the fruit stays moist. Once the cake is cooked I turn off the oven and leave the cake inside until tomorrow morning, allowing it to cool down slowly.
I am sat here disappointed, we were promised a lovely sunny day here, yesterday was sunny but not that warm, I woke up knowing I could be outside today. BUT it's dull wet and not very warm. We have been promised a really good weekend of warm sunny weather.
I have my sewing machine out, I have one quick task to do before stitching Will's quilt together, my mind is full of the reading wigwam, plotting and planning how I am going to make it safe for a little boy. I have a few tricks which should make it work.
Hubby has been sorting our TV box, he has found me loads of TV series which I can watch again as the winter weather arrives, I am not good at sit and do nothing. I have Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, and The Handmaidens Tale, BUT I also have all 16 seasons of ER, with 12 episodes at 45 minutes long, it's alot of TV to watch. I watched every episode, always on the day aired, I loved every thing about this programme, I am looking forward to getting to know them all again. As for George Clooney, he was good looking but I always preferred Anthony Andrews ( Mark Greene).

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Catching up

I have sorted my pin cushions out, 
later I am going to require loads of pins for Will's quilt
 These fall into both my beautiful and useful thinking 
 Will eating sunshine slices for the first time, he loved them 
 This is the last week for our old £1 coins, I have a purse full of new coins, 
so I sorted our jar and swapped £6, 
we will use this jar in December for our Christmas shop. 
The jar above belongs to our youngest daughter Su, she is not keen on it, we have used it for years, it was brought back from a trip to Germany. The contents will be kept for our big Christmas shop, if you use the Tesco sorting machine, it prints a receipt, if you take cash there is a handling charge, but if you spend the receipt at the till, you get your full amount, which we expect to be near £100.
We have savings on nectar points, on both our Co-op cards, the Co-op cards have about £50 which will be used for our fresh produce, we will buy the week before Christmas.
 It's been a nothing few days here, the weather is dull and as the garden is up to date, I have spent my time doing other things.
Sunday evening, I sat and read, we did watch the results on Strictly, I was sorry to see Rev Richard go, but he really could not dance!
Monday, Su and Will came over, we went to our local library, they had baby rhyme time at 10am, in the afternoon we went to Garson's garden center, I don't go often as it's a modern style center, where they buy everything in, and give as much space to gifts for all the family. We did have a lovely lunch there. They had their Christmas stuff on show, Will loved the lights. I did get a couple stocking fillers and a few ornaments, but nothing for the tree.
Tuesday, I felt tired all day, I did babysit Will at 1pm for a couple of hours, he fell asleep as mummy left and woke up on her return, so I had a rest full afternoon.
Today when hubby gets home we will pop supermarket shopping, we don't need much, but enough to balance the trip out in the car.
I have ironing and sewing to do this week, I hope to pop to a couple more fabric shops, still looking for Christmas fabrics.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

My weekend

I have placed all the squares for Will's quilt
 Shopping for bargains again
 All planted up
 Down by the shed, hedgehog winter sleeping pad
Tidy blackberry vine. 
It's been a quiet weekend at home, my brother Martin has been with us and is now driving the 100+ miles home to Somerset.
We had a great meal out on Friday night, the burgers were good, the service not so good. Will enjoyed himself and tried some of everyone's food. I think we would go again, but in a couple of months to allow the service to settle.
Saturday we popped to B&Q, we required a new remote controlled extension lead for behind our TV,  we are unable to reach the sockets, so we like to use the remote control to turn everything off, our existing one was beginning to stick and not work every time. 
I got the yellow pot mums (6 plants) and the Sweet Williams (9 plants), in the sale for £5, both have been over watered, but will survive. Plus some more spring bulbs for a pot I am creating. £17 has been added to my stash list. 
We also popped to Home Bargains as there in not one in near to Martin, we did not require much, and did walk past all their Christmas stuff.
This morning I have spent an hour in the garden and greenhouse after watching Monty on the TV, I have cut back my blackberry and fanned the top branches.
I had stopped opening my greenhouse door, but on Monty's advice I am now opening the door again, I have covered a few of my cutting and delicate plants to ensure any cold does not get to them.
All the plants have been put into the garden, I am pleased with my bed in front of the greenhouse, it's full of colour.
I have also been building a hedgehog house, I won't know if it is used as I now won't disturb that section.
I want to stitch Will's quilt this week, so I have l;aid all the squares and now have them ready to stitch together. As I have said before I am not very good at random, so I prefer to laid the design out before stitching.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Potty time

I have never had a garden without pots, my last garden had a huge hedge running the whole length and nothing would grow close to the hedge, plus is was a long thin garden, so I collected pots. I have very few plastic pots, plus I use a few items which are not for gardening, I like to mix things up.
Above are some of my lovely flower displays, mixture of summer flowers and new season flowers.
I did start to cut back on my pots, just keeping the really pretty pots, then I got the bug to grow fruit and most of the bushes are in pots.
Using a pot allows me to grow things where I do not have a garden, along the decking by the fence is a very sunny spot and I have loads of fruit bushes.
I have just planted a rhubarb crown in a huge pot, again I have not purchased this pot, it was in the corner of the front garden, a friend has their rhubarb in a huge pot, which works for them in their small garden.
On the downside, I have sorted all my beds, moved my peony, planted a nice shrub and spread 3 bags of farmyard manure around the plot, so outside stinks, but it's all winter ready. I have packed away all my bits and bobs around the plot, no lovely birds on show.
First thing this morning I changed our sitting room around to the winter setting, mainly ensuring the sofa is no longer in front of the radiator. Plus there is now room for our huge Christmas tree, because in 8 weeks it will be December.
Just had the best ever shower a lovely bacon roll and strong cup of coffee, so it's rest time, we are out tonight for a meal with Will, mummy, Daddy and my brother Martin.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

A day at home

We popped to Fabric land in Southampton
I have added the cost to my stash list. 
 Will this morning, after a sleep over last night
 Today's harvest
 Tidy beds, with a space for a shrub.
 More colour
 This bed is looking good 
 Free plants
12 violets, I want them for the front of my side garden. 
Cutting taken from plants in my garden, there are tiny shoots showing. 
We went to Southampton to visit a fabric shop on Tuesday, loads of Christmas cottons on display, but I am looking for a brushed cotton, I still have two other shops to check out. I did get 4 fat quarters for my hexagons, I have not done much with them, but they are on my list of things to do. After paying £10 to park for 5 hours, next time we will go to a local out of town shopping center with free parking.
We had Will yesterday for a sleep over, he is teething and both mummy and daddy are tired, Will has started waking in the night. So we stepped in and had him overnight, he did wake at 1.30am for 2 hours, he was really good, tired but not able to go back to sleep, so I got up with him and we played quiet games until he was tired again, he then woke at 7.30am, he stayed until just after lunch. Mummy and daddy both got a full night's sleep and are both feeling better today. I will need an early night tonight, but we were happy to be able to help out. He is such a lovely boy and we enjoy having time with him.
This afternoon I have been on my own, I popped into the garden to pick my late raspberries, it was so warm I spent an hour doing little jobs, a quick tidy around, over the weekend I have a couple of bigger task to complete, then the garden will be winter ready. I have moved my Olive bush into the greenhouse, it's always sad when I pack it away, but it will be safe until next spring. Plus my cacti pots are also now safe in the greenhouse. There are still loads of flowers around my plot, I say the same each October, they should be past their best, but it's lovely and warm still.
The raspberries we will have with ice cream tonight, we do enjoy having fresh fruit from our tiny garden. Nothing much is happening here, lazy days. I did pick up my cross stitching the other night, but I was tired so I did not do any stitching.
We had the heating on for the first time last night, we have wooden floors and with Will crawling, I was worried he would be cold, it's turned off again for now.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Cutting out

Another good month, hardly anything for the garden and no craft
I did get bulbs for the garden. 
I could not put this book down, interesting story line,
who is telling the biggest lies, and an ending which was wonderful. 
 Squares cut for Will's winter cot quilt
 I took loads of care, ensuring the cutting edges were straight
 With some leftovers of another project.
Really pleased with my stash spend, I will blow any savings soon, I have a project for Christmas day fun, and it will require loads of fabrics. Daughter and I are going shopping soon, I'm hoping the festive fabrics are in the shops.
I spent Monday afternoon cutting out fat quarters, firstly I ensure each fabric was square and cut straight, I got 12 squares from each piece, 8 designs, so 96 squares. The quilt requires 48 squares, 6 across and 8 down, the extra's will be used on the floor of the reading wigwam I am also making. The designs should sit straight along the quilt, I am looking for a smart finish, the design is much simpler than I wanted to make, but I stuck to the design my daughter had seen and liked, the only difference is the fabric designs. Daughter loves the shades of grey, I have added a bit of extra colour with the airplane design. I have a cushion with a book pocket to make, and I will make another using some of the bits left over.
I will not sew today, the cutting out was intense, my shoulders ache, but I am pleased every thing should line up, it would drive me mad if the design was wonky or the corners don't match on the finished quilt.

Sunday, 1 October 2017


We have been away again in the van
Staying along the Jurassic coast
 The views are fantastic
 Lulworth Cove

We stayed near Osmington Mills for two nights, we had planned to stay for 3 nights, but the rain fore caste for Saturday night and Sunday morning changed our minds. We were high on the hill with a great view of the coastline below.
The walk to the coast and Smugglers Arms was all down hill, so a much longer walk back. Hubby is now looking for a good cycle rack for the back of the van so we can get further.
We left Saturday mid morning and drove to Lulworth cove, we spent a few hours walking around and catching wonderful photo's, above is just a few of the many we took.
It was really busy, loads of people on and in the water. The colours of the water reflected the sky, it was very pretty. The clouds broke and the day was lovely.
We arrived home late afternoon, time to sort the van, clean the floor and leave it tidy for the next time.
We were warm snug and dry the whole time, early Saturday morning there was a bad storm,  Our new cooking gas rings worked well, we do take home made meals which we heat up, with fresh cooked veg. We also purchased a small toaster which was very useful. Again we brought back loads of food, our little fridge holds more than we require, I tend to fill it, so we don't have to worry about finding a shop. I must remember to pack a pair of scissors, we could also use a small clothes airier, so we can dry our towels after showing.
We both felt the trip was good, no need for fuel as there tank was 3/4 full and still is half full.
I can't wait until next spring when we will be planning longer trips.


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