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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mix up

I have two colours to use on Love
but this is starting to call to me
Carrie Rose I have the second part here waiting
 In my last purchase of craft items, I got this die, letters in cross stitch, handy for me to use with my love of cross stitch, and it fit's on my tag template well.
I had problems with my Xcut machine at the weekend, I could not find their site so I emailed Hobbycraft, where we purchased it from. They exchanged it out straight away, asking me to take it to a local store who had replacement stock. I moan regarding the high priced items , but their customer service was great.
PS, we go ours in the pre Christmas sale.
 My friend had a welcome week in Egypt last week and she kindly purchased this for me, hand blown, stunning, I have hung it on my heart tree until I get my Christmas tree out later in the year. 
 I stayed in most of yesterday, it felt cool and was dull all day, we did have a small amount of rain, these cheer me up, I also lit one of my scented candles, 
I love Lime Basil and Mandarin. 
I was very tired yesterday after another bad night sleep, so in the afternoon I watched a few recorded programmes, I am enjoying Poldark, Aiden Turner is very pleasing on the eye. I did not stitch at all.
I did have a huge surprise late morning, a woman knocked on our door, it was an old neighbour of our's, she had been knocking on doors around the area as she had lost our address, so loads of warming drinks and gossip, and an invitation to a birthday party. Diane had said she was worried because she had not seen us in town for ages, I explained my frugal outlook with less shopping.
Our extra class last night was so very interesting, Richard was showing us how to use Photoshop to enhance our photo's. He changed the light and colours, cropped and then showed us how we could have fun with photo's. All very clever stuff, it's now a case of playing and having fun.
We have our normal class tonight, he did not give us any clues to what we would be doing.
I will pick the boys up from school tonight, Sam won his Preschool raffle and chose a large Lego kit, so I am sure it will be a Lego day, so very busy later, I am enjoying a very slow morning.


  1. I am glad hobbycaft delt with the problem of your die cutter, that tag is lovely enjoy your lego play session :-)

  2. The Carrie Rose is looking good. I have never been to Hobbycraft, think I'll seek one out. That was lovely of your old neighbour, bet you had loads to talk about.
    I am proud to say my Daughter-in-Law was production secretary on Poldark
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Stunning hand blown glass ornament - WOW!

  4. Carrie Rose is lovely, so pretty. I think Hobbycraft is quite expensive, but their customer service sounds really good, which is quite rare these days. I wasn't going to bother watching Poldark but I did and I'm glad as I'm enjoying it.

  5. Beautiful stitching Marlene.


  6. Carrie Rose and the ornament are both so pretty. Have fun with the grand children and all those legos!!



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