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Thursday, 12 March 2015

New start

My seedling are doing well, 2nd year for cucamelons
I will re-pot the Lemon and Lime plants, I have the perfect pot in the garden,
 I will miss seeing them on the desk, 
the pot is too big so they are being moved to the greenhouse. 
The orange pip is still just a pip.
 I purchased this orchid last year for Fliss, 
 it was left on my sunny bathroom windowsill
 now it's back in the sitting room, 
these flowers are tiny. 
 I popped to Hobbycraft to purchase a storage kit for my dies, this Art box is perfect, and with my Hobbycraft club card it with extra sheets was 25% off. I only use my club card to get a discount, if there are no offer's I don't use it. I don't mind them collecting information about my purchases when there is a benefit for me. This purchase has been added to my list of spending.
Richard of York gained battle in vain, did you get it
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, a rainbow
We used the rhyme at school to remember the colours
 I am stitching another 'Love', this time the colours are in stripes
Nice effect, which more colourful stitching to come.  
My 2nd part of SAL Carie Rose came through, I have to finish it by May 10th, plenty of stitching time, I will finish Love first.
It's another sunny morning here, the washing machine is on, soon the laundry will be on the line, it's great to be able to hang out laundry. We are still using the heating in the evenings, but I have not had it on any day this week, I feel the cold, so I am pleased to be able to make the savings. Hubby is on the golf course this morning, and home later so no plans for this afternoon.
We had Josh and Sam after school yesterday, Josh was rather naughty when his mum came home from work, like all 9 year olds he knows which buttons to push. Sammy was a Nanna's boy and wanted loads of cuddles. He wanted to check out the garden, loved our new raised bed and wanted to plant things, I explained I required more top soil, "but Nanna you have dirt in the box" was his reply. We sat at the bottom of the garden watching the birds at the feeders.
Photography club was great, no stunning photo's we learn't about White light, and how to balance your camera so the colours are true, another interesting session.
I am expecting to have a start date soon for my new role, I spoke to them yesterday, they have had other clearances back, which were sent just before mine went in. It will be good to get back to work, the hours are an earlier start, so home by 4.30 each night.


  1. Yes, I did get what you meant by the rhyme, I still use it now to remember the colours of the rainbow. I didn't know that Hobbycraft had a loyalty card scheme, I'll have to look in to that, though I don't actually buy very much from there.

  2. The colours are really vibrant in your new stitch project.

  3. Love the colours in your stitch work, crosdstitch I think.

  4. The colors are so pretty in the project you are stitching. The seedlings look good!



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