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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sunny Saturday

This is growing 
I am pleased with the fourth colour
 Up close, this is so pretty
and enjoyable to stitch
 What do you see in the photo below
it drives me mad, I find this all the time
our lovely dishwasher below the worktop, and a couple of dirty mugs!
why if you take the mugs out, would you not pack them inside of the dishwasher!
sorry but this drives me crazy, what sets you going.
I had a wonderful catch up with Ann yesterday, we chatted for over an hour. I am sad to see how tired she is becoming, it is hard (even with the full support of everyone else) for one person to suddenly do two peoples work. They took away a couple of roles, but now are trying to  give her extra work.
Today is bright sunshine again, and I have plans, soon we will be out in the garden, hubby wants to check the wood supplies we have for my raised garden, we are hoping we have enough for the front and one side, which can be viewed from the garden, then we have to purchase more wood for the other side and back, I am hoping for about 18" to two foot high.
I want to then spend loads of time in the garden, sort my greenhouse and start some seeds, I really can't wait any longer. Every where is tidy, I have done odd 30mins each day, so it's just work at the back end in my growing section.
Later, when it is dark, we are going out with our photography club, we are going to a local high beauty spot to try and catch the night sky and stars.


  1. Your stitching is really lovely, I like the colours you've used, it's looking good. It's people not stacking the dishwasher right which annoys me, I end up having to restack it before I turn it on.

  2. It looks great Marlene and I love your colors.


  3. Yep, I think I"m the only one who puts my dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Our seeds have been sown by DH and we've planted potatoes, leeks, beetroot and onion sets straight into the garden.

  4. Oh I do love the colors in your stitching!



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