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Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday morning

Carrie Rose so far
I have done more stitching down the sides that has been released, 
I just keeping going until I require the next design.
I love the addition of the pale lilac
it will be used twice more

I have pulled out all the threads for my next project, Au Fil de Noel, I will make it as the design shows, the red is a bit darker than I expected, but I do like the balance of this design.
Yesterday was a cold breezy day, so after Martin drove home, we stayed inside, I should have got my sewing machine out, but hubby found a film, and we settled down for the afternoon, hence so my stitching has been done.
I have ordered a couple of gardening books, by James Wong and Carol Klien, should be here by midweek.
Tomorrow evening we have a model in the photography studio, and we have homework to do before the shoot, each of us will have just 20 minutes, we have to understand the lighting terms, we ask Richard (who is studio assistant) to set the lighting, and he has requested we chose 3 sets, and then we have to instruct the professional model.  I did not think this would be of interest to us, but after the lovely shots I got of hubby last week, I am looking forward to the session, that's if I can remember everything.
So now I'm ready for my first day back at work, I do not have to be there until 10am today, it's a strange feeling going in so late. It is nice to see the sun shine, still breezy, but the rain will return this afternoon.


  1. Good luck with your new job. The cross stitch is looking good.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Enjoy your first day in the new job, I hope everyone is nice and friendly.
    Lovely progress on the stitching.

  3. Carrie Rose is looking fabulous. Hope you have a good day at work.

  4. All the best for your new job.

  5. Nice progress Marlene.




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