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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Colour inside and out

I went for colour on this 'Love'
green is O and pink is V
nice and bright
 But I am not sure about E, I pulled out these three shades
I'm thinking a brighter yellowy orange, I will check my stash
 We are eating more fruit, and whist enjoying a sweet orange, I bit on a pip, so it's washed and in a pot. Below is my lemon and lime plants (both in one pot), one orange pip and three cucamelon seedlings (second pot). This weekend is greenhouse time, my neighbour Win has started planting seeds and I am guided by her.
 These fell into my basket, we were in Tesco, our spread Bertolli/butter was £1 off, we went with a list and hubby stuck to it, I failed with the flowers below.
I could be shooting myself in the foot 
We are looking at our general spending, this year I am keeping a check of my hobby cost. I have not added all my January purchases, I have not added the items purchased with my Christmas money for my new die cutting machine. I can go a few months without requiring any cross stitch/sewing items, I should not need anything for a while. Gardening spending will rise for a couple of months
Items in blue are a one off purchase, in red a bargain.
My camera sold the same day I listed it on eBay, and we got the price we wanted, so with the cash, we have purchased all the accessories we require for both camera's. Hubby's still has a few days to go, if it does not sell, we will keep it as a spare. Photography class was great, we learnt about aperture, but sadly no stunning photo's, we stayed inside, it was a very cold evening. 
I had a good day yesterday, I cleaned the whole house, even cleaning the blinds in the bathroom. When the sun shines at this time of year, I hear my mothers voice, time for spring cleaning, it's nice to get things done, we are both tidy people, every thing has it's place, and now is all shines.
Later I will pick Josh and Sam up from school, as a treat we will go through McDonald's drive thru, they don't often have McD's, which is a pleasing statement.
Now I hope to prepare some patchwork, hubby is playing golf and will be home for a late lunch.


  1. We love the bertolli, it's the first time we saw it on offer, I have eight in the fridge.

  2. I love fresias, one of my favourite flowers. I had them in my wedding bouquet.

  3. We use that spread too.
    It's amazing how things add up when you see them written down like that.

  4. Beautiful WIP. Love those colours. They're my favourites.

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Freesia. We had them in Indiana and have a couple in the front flower bed now.

  6. You will need an orangery at the rate you are growing citrus plants, your young citrus trees look great, I dont dare add up what I spend on crafts not as much these days but I cant resist a bargain :-)

  7. Your WIP is beautiful. I am actually in the middle of "Spring" cleaning! That plus the yard is really keeping us very busy. Congratulations on the sale of the camera!



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