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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Another finish

It's finished, the 'E' caused me a few problems
but in the end I think it looks beautiful
This was a simple stitch, it should have been stitched in red, but as this is my third heart design by Rovaris, I wanted to make changes.
I have another project I want to stitch and the second part of my SAL is due.
One hint for new project
"Richard of York gained battle in vain"
Just a couple of views from the garden at the weekend
can't you feel the warmth from the sunshine.
 Our Magnolia tree is coming to life, 
we trimmed it last autumn, and it has done no harm.
So many buds and new growth everywhere, the garden is coming back.
On sunny days I have the need to be in the garden, pottering about.
Soon it will be time to uncover our wooden furniture, we have had our table and chairs for 15+ years, at the time I purchased the best quality I could get, each autumn we store it and put it under cover from the weather. 
Yesterday was a dull day, so I decided to finish the stitching, I did some laundry but left the bulk for today. It is already hanging on the line, it's beautiful and sunny here. I love to see clothes drying outside on the line.
I have a busy day, I will pop out for most of the morning, a trip to Hobbycraft, not my favourite store, but the only local craft shop, I need a couple of threads and storage for my dies, they are messy how I have them at the moment.
This afternoon I want an hour in the garden, I have an idea for securing my net over the veg patch, if it works it will allow me access to the garden whilst keeping the net tidy.
Later it is photography class, no idea what our class will be tonight.


  1. It's such a pretty design, lovely. My wooden garden furniture came to the end of its life this winter, we haven't looked after it at all so it serves us right really, though we've had it quite a number of years.

  2. LOVE looks great . . and I "finally" saw the heat. Geez . . how slow can I be?

    I know what you mean about clothes hanging out on the clothes line . . the smell when you take them down, and sheets, when you sleep in them, is one of the best smells on Earth.

  3. Lovely finish.

    Greetings, Manuela

  4. Congrats on the finish of such a pretty design Marlene.


  5. A very bright and cheery finish.



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