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Friday, 13 March 2015


So much colour
I love bright stitching
Red and Orange are finished, 
this is letters L and O, the green is the start of V
This is stitching up much quicker, less unpicking the second time around.
I got a frame for the previous stitched design, and I hope to get another
This one is for my office wall, I have one small space left. 
These were buds yesterday, at a £1 per bunch, good value, 
I love to see their colour inside
It's dull today so my spring flowers outside are not open
My side garden is coming alive, loads of new green leaves, 
My Peony has not grown much, but it's a bit early as yet. I have sprinkled over the bed, dried Chicken Manure, it stinks abit, but helps with new growth. 
Our Magnolia tree is in glorious bud, I love the way this tree blooms before the leaves form, it allows us to take in the perfect pinks from the flowers. 
Also you can still see all the bird feeders. 
The garden is looking really good this year, hubby will replace the lawn next month, the front end has sunk, so he will level it off and re-turf. Tomorrow we take the white table and chairs along with the gates to be dipped to remove all the paint, it's a very messy job so we would rather pay someone to get it done. I have taken a template of the chair seat's I am making two round cushions, I have collected loads of old jeans, and will make covers for hard wearing. I have also some light green stain for the front of my raised garden. I also hope to sort the top soil this weekend.


  1. I love the rainbow colours, such a happy piece of stitching.

  2. Your stitching is lovely and bright.

    Lots of colourful flowers to match.

  3. Sitting here laughing . . it isn't bright where you are so your flowers aren't open . . while I am looking for more grass here :)

    The LOVE has perfect rainbow colors . . . my favorite color sequence of all time . . . pleasing to the eyes :)

  4. Oh it looks like a beautiful rainbow!



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