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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Thank you Pam

Beautiful stitching, Pam is a wizz with her sewing machine
she is set herself a challenge to raise money, 
she started with £5 and aims to make as much as she can
these are her 1st items made, so I requested to buy them, read her post here 
 It's a lined knitting bag, 
but great for my cross stitch, no more carrier bags, 
everything fits in, including the sewing frame. 
No progress on Skaters, not one stitch. 
 The cacumelon seeds have come up, I planted 5 and now have 3 seedlings, I'm please with that, I will only require one plant. Lemon and Lime plants are doing well, soon they will require another bigger pot and placing them outside, greenhouse first, then summer in the garden. My Avocado, is very tall,  has 18 leaves on it, it needs another pot. I have read on the net, it can take up to ten years to produce fruit, which would give me winter storage problems, so I will plant it out for the summer, if it survives next winter I will be very lucky. I have been very pleased I managed to grow the stone on 1st attempt.
Been shopping, Jo from the good life, has given a tip on how to ensure you have colour all through the winter, I think it's a great way to ensure I can build colour. Here's my 1st purchase. I will get a plant from the garden centre in March, it's a great way for me, who does not have a huge knowledge of plants to enhance the garden. Lovely tip, Jo thank you.
 My greenhouse staging collapsed over the winter, hubby was going to make me wooden staging, but this is much cheaper, bigger than the last one, but more space to grow things, if it works as well as I hope, I will get another for the second greenhouse.
We went to a few shops this morning, Wilkinson's for cleaning products and a nose around their gardening section, which at this time of year is full, I only purchased the two items. On to the The Range, dangerous ground for me, loads of craft, sewing and gardening. I only purchase a round pot stand on wheels, for my new pot, I really don't want to risk damaging it. I resisted on the craft dies, we got our cat food at the best price and stocked up.
I have not stitched at all, we watched all three programmes of Cilla, recorded last year, Sheridan Smith plays a fantastic lead role, well worth getting it on catch up, if you have not seen it, it was on ITV. I am still very tired, but the third section of Maryse SAL, has arrived, so I will do that next. 10th March my 2nd part of SAL Carie Rose is published, so I want to be free to stitch that. I also have more patchwork to do, next week is shaping up to be a busy week.


  1. It's great what Pam's doing, charities need all the help they can get with fund raising and this is a great way to raise those much needed funds. Thanks for the link, I love cornus but don't have any in my garden. That will give you some wonderful colour throught the winter months. I'd love to hear more about your sewing frame. As you know, I've started my first cross stitch but the hoop is leaving creases on my aida, I'm hoping that it will iron out but I'm not sure it will. I'm sure the frames must be better.

  2. I made 2 of the knitting bag sets, the person who ordered the lined bag picked up the wrong set in error and I did not notice until she was long gone. You gained a lined bag but she took the holder with the knitting pins. I did email her but had no reply. My head is so full of wet sawdust that the card that should have been in your parcel is still in the sewing room.

  3. What a lovely bag, far nicer than an assortment of carriers.



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