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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Saturday at home

When I woke up this morning it was raining,
by lunch time it was sunny again, so I spent the afternoon here
 I hung the sign at the start of my back section, this area is mine, 
hubby does not come up here much. 
I have sorted my difficult little pot, the two plants are plastic, 
but they are a good size for this lovely pot. 
 Every where I have seeds and tiny plants.
 If every thing comes up, I will have far too much, 
having said that something has ate one of my chilli plants in the greenhouse. 
 I was not on my own, this little fellow stayed for ages, this is the best shot I got of him, he was checking to get every last dried worm out of the feeder.
 Hubby has put up the first gate, he had to drill into the concrete to ensure the upright posts will hold tight. He is finishing the second gate, it will be great to see gates after almost 6 years here. 
 This is coming along, the tape is all finished
 I love the design with only a few colours,
all perfectly balanced
I am going to have to start thinking about my next project.
We went shopping this morning, firstly to The Range, I wanted compost and potting compost, every year I have got them from B&Q, but last year the quality was so very poor, so this year I wanted branded bags. The prices were very good, and I got the seed compost buy on get one free, perfect. We then went to B&M, never been there before, but I was told they had the plastic plants, I also got a new set of solar coloured lights for the back fence, the last set are refusing to work. Got a few things from the latter shop, cat food was on special, plus our marmalades. I also got some red onions, reduced to half price, I managed to use just under 30 plants, which is enough for my small plot.
The day has been pure pleasure, we popped to see Su and David also this morning, who had a huge bag of blue slate and another bag of bark delivered, so their task today was to get it all put down, they have a couple of drain covers in their front garden, so we came up with a solution to hide them.
This evening we will watch a film, glass of red wine, just hubby and I, Fliss is away for the weekend. Josh and Sam are back from Manchester on Monday.
Tomorrow I hope to start on the table and chairs, get the primer coat sorted, then I will paint them dark green, hard work, but another great job to have finished. I love weekends like this.


  1. It's nice to have a quiet weekend where you can just potter. We had the carpet fitters here this morning and then a new washing machine was delivered this afternoon, don't ask! It's another busy weekend for us.

  2. Sounds like a great week-end to me. This post had lots of good things. That is such a pretty design that you are working on. I'm in the same place as you, I need to think of my next project. Your gate looks very good.

  3. well done on getting so much done, the gates are lovely and your pot with the plants :-)

  4. A weekend of pottering is just the ticket sometimes, yours sounds delightful x

  5. You've been busy
    Juie xxxxxxxx

  6. Your starling looks like he had a nice treat...its always lovely to sit and watch the birds in the garden.



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