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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Another finish

Au Fil de Noel is finished
 With golden shiny stars
The reindeer's antlers are brown, the white did not look right to me
 Just the right amount of colour
 Another small cushion to go with my Christmas collection. 
Not sure what to stitch next, I have the 3rd part of Carrie Rose in 10 days time.
I am still reading the book Perfect. 
 In other news, we have a lawn
and a very tired hubby
The lawn is now flat and level, there was always a huge step down from the decking to the grass, hubby is very pleased, we got the turf on-line at a good price. We did not consider seed because we encourage the birds into the garden, so it would have turned into a feast for them.
It's really cold here today, I have walked around the garden, checking all is OK, saying hello to all the wonderful things growing there. This weekend I will have to thin out seedling and plant a few more. I am formulating a plan to build another small raised bed at the back, only big enough for salad items, not told hubby my plans yet, I will spring it on him soon. I also want to get the table and chairs finished, I gave in and purchased white spray paint to do them, the design would make it hard to paint the table top, plus hubby will use the green paint to do the garage door to match the gates, so no waste.
We have been trying different ideas with our bread maker, at the weekend we purchased some dried Italian herbs, which we mixed with our bread recipe, it taste wonderful, we will make it again. Perfect for sandwiches, we had some cold home cooked gammon, simple combination.


  1. the lawn looks lovely now you just need regular showers to help it along, we still need rain, had a few light showers but nothing substantial :-)

  2. Congrats on the great finish Marlene. The lawn looks great.


  3. Your lawn and your stitching look great!

  4. Love your new finish - it looks wonderful and as you say just the right amount of colour. Your lawn looks perfect.

  5. Your garden looks very neat and tidy.

  6. Super finish, the gold stars looks perfect.
    Well done hubby - the lawn looks lovely

  7. That's so pretty, I love the ribbon edging, such a lovely effect. It looks like you've got the lawn laid at exactly the right time, a couple of weeks ago and you'd have been watering it in every day, but the weather's changed so you'll probably avoid having to do that now.

  8. I love your finished cushion cover. It is beautiful. The lawn looks fab too. Well done hubby.

  9. Your garden is looking good, I'm building myself up to a particularly tricky Christmas cross stitch in the hope of finishing it in time x

  10. That needlework is just so beautiful Marlene!

  11. A beautiful finish!!!! That lawn is going to be great.

  12. Beautiful stitching and your lawn is looking wonderful.



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