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Friday, 3 April 2015

New start

Just a few stitches, but it is a start
Au Fil do Noel, I'm not changing anything on this.
 The second part of Carrie Rose is finished
 It's tucked away until May
I have done a bit more than the design sent to me,
it's such a joy to stitch. 
I have been adding to my spreadsheet, 
it is interesting to see where I spend and on what. The big things for the garden ie, top soil and sorting the table and chairs comes from our main fund, so I don't need to add them here. I am trying to record how much I spend on things I want.
I sat and stitched last night, hubby caught up with a few recorded programmes on TV, we did not watch the debate, I find most of the politicians too polished and most of the time when asked a question, they answer with a practised reply which often is about the subject, but not the question. Plus bits will be shown on TV new all the time.
We had heavy rain through out the night, but it had stopped when we got up, but every where is so wet. At least our gardens are now not so dry.
 Josh and Sam will be here soon, not sure what we can do, just hoping the garden dries up enough for football. We have the film Paddington for them to watch, I have already seen it and loved it.
No point in thinking about housework until tomorrow, but I am going to put the bread maker on for lunch, we find a loaf last for about 3 days, it taste so much better, we are both pleased.


  1. Your Carrie Rose is lovely and the new project has started off with a good blast of colour. I try to keep a record of what I spend on the garden but sometimes things slip through the net, perhaps a spreadsheet would keep me up to the mark.We had rain through the evening and night but it has faded to a slight drizzle now. My water butts are over half full so the greenhouse will benefit. I had planned to be gardening over the weekend, I have some shrubs to go in but it looks as though it will be sewing and knitting/crochet for me, sob sob ;)

  2. Glad to hear that the breadmaker is working well for you. Are you using the fast bake option or one of the other programmes? I tend to use mine for the dough and then bake them as bread cakes in the oven.

  3. I was showing my daughter your blog yesterday with all your lovely stitching, she was admiring the one in the cabin :-)

  4. Wow that project is just gorgeous. You're such a neat stitcher. I need to do up a budget a well I know I'm spending too much.



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