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Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Nothing better for showing a sunny day
 than the view through the blossom on our Magnolia tree.
 I am still getting on with this
 It's not going to take much longer
Tomorrow I am out to lunch, a friend from my Sea Cadet days is retiring, and I have been invited back for his leaving lunch. I am really looking forward to spending time with them all again. Normally these lunches go on for most of the afternoon.
I wanted to make him a card, my effort is below.
 Silly final photo
I collect silly cows (takes one to know one)
I love this one last night just as it was getting dark
It's great to see solar panels working again.
I came home early from photography class, they were on top of the flat roof looking at stars, I'm not good with heights and it was cold, so I did not stay. So last night I managed to do some stitching.
Work is good, I have learn't another level to my role, the ladies in our section are great, we have time for a laugh and natter.
After work today I popped into my garden, I so love being home early enough to be outside, plus just having simple jobs to do.
I have lovely rows of tiny seedling coming through on my raised bed, and in planters in the greenhouse. The herbs are looking good, and I am keeping the cats away from them. My fruits are showing loads of promise.
Hubby has ordered more top soil and turf, which will arrive end of next week, his friend is coming around this weekend with his rotavator, so we can flatten and level it.
I am pleased we have stopped using the heating in the evenings, if it does get cold we can always pop it back on for an hour, but summer saving are here. Tonight we had a frozen Chinese meal, we walked to our local shop, it was lovely and loads cheaper than a take away.
News on our coffee maker, it is working OK for the moment, gives us time to shop around.
PS; Paula, the buttons are made of wood and was sold a a Christmas Tree decoration, but I had to have them, but not for my tree.


  1. It's all sounding good. I love the card and the sentiment.

  2. I was looking at the Magnolias in the garden centre today, I think I might have one in the future, what a great idea in the card.

  3. Your stitching is looking good. Have a great time at the luncheon! The Photo with the magnolia is beautiful!

  4. I do love Magnolia trees, I use to have a lovely one with yellow flowers that had a stunning smell, I will have to look at getting another :-)

  5. The magnolia tree is beautiful. I love the idea for the card too, I think I may pinch it from you and use it in the future.

  6. The card is lovely, it's a great idea x

  7. I've had a lovely catch up read here, you have been busy these past few days.
    Noel is looking wonderful and your garden and all the seedlings are coming on lovely.

  8. Cool :)

    Now, what is a Sea Cadet?

    The magnolia is gorgeous! ! !



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