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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Simple post

Dawn sent me some oca
they look a cross between bugs and potato
These already have nice growth on
 They should be planted in pots undercover and put out in May, I choose to plant them in potato sacks today. The flowers are very pretty, so they are here behind the trellis by the 1st greenhouse, we should be able to see them growing from the front of the garden. Which is another good use of an awkward small space. 
 Hubby brought me a magazine, 
this one is always my favourite, 
I can not remember the last time I got a magazine, 
so it's a real treat for me 
 I have done some stitching, I finished the red and white tape on the right hand side, I forgot to stitch it before. The snowman has black arms, I used cotton, it's thinner and looks better. I did add the reindeer's antlers using white cotton, but they do not show up, so I will do them again with white silks. The stars are going to be gold. I hope to finish this soon, I have not been stitching much in the past week, the garden has been calling.
The 5th stage of Maryse SAL 215 arrived in my in box today
Yesterday was spent in the garden, hubby forked over the lawn area again, then raked it level, and rolled it, it does look very good, he will roll it again before laying the top soil and turf.
I pottered until about 3ish, after the overnight rain, the sun came out and it was lovely and warm. My cucumbers finally grew, I have three seedlings in small pots. I put some sweet pea's with my climbing French beans, thanks Pam for the tip. Our three tomato plants are out, this year they are growing in a huge pot on the decking, they are looking good this morning.
I also had time to sort my shed, I now have room to move about, everything I stored over winter is now being used in the garden.
We had one problem, the rain butt was not sitting properly on it's raised platform, we had to empty the water out, place a paving slab underneath it, which gave it a flat platform, the rain we had last night has already collected in the butt.
We sent out for a pizza last night, very naughty for the waist line, but it was a rare treat.
Today I have an eye test, so we will pop into town and then on to B&Q for another can of primer for the garden table and chairs, nothing else planned, it's down to the weather, I am happy to potter around the plot for the afternoon.


  1. I've learnt something new - Oca :) I like pottering about days. I love pizza :) We're off to a couple of garden centres today hopefully. Have a nice day :)

  2. I've never grown oca, I'll be interested to see how it does for you. It's a lovely day again here, I hope it is there too so that you can get out in the garden again.

  3. It sounds as if you have had a nice time pottering around in your garden and everything sounds as if it is coming along nicely.

    Your stitching is beautiful and I think the black arms worked really well.

  4. Great potter! The cucamelon seeds you sent me have finally sprouted at the second attempt but are not yet ready to plant out. Our normal cucumber plants have been planted in the greenhouse. I normally only need one plant as it's only me that eats cucumber but I planted 3!

  5. We actually have TULIPS open today . . . well, they were open when the sun was out, not sure about now. It has gotten a little overcast.

  6. Your stitching is so pretty! I will be watching the oca grow!

  7. Gorgeous stitching and those potato things look cute.



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