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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Stitching progress

I'm nearing the end on this
Just a couple sections to finish
These stitches have been done over the past few evenings
 So simple and yet so effective
my stitching taste are changing
 Now I must start thinking about my next project,
section 3 for Carrie Rose is not due to May
1st photo is my orange pip, with the smallest of shoots, to say I'm pleased is an understatement, lemon and lime plants are still in the warm green house, I won't put them outside until next month, they are still a bit small, so I want to give them all the help I can. 
 The leaves on my avocado as such a beautiful colour, they often droop, but so far the do come back, again this lives in my warm greenhouse. 
 Staying on the Mediterranean theme, 
my olive is outside on my decking, and is looking good, I added blue slate to the top of the pot, looks much neater and keeps moisture in.  
Our passes came today for the garden party, with dress code and a huge list of things not to do, including taking photo's. How am I going to manage not being able to take photo's?
On a plus side I am going shopping this weekend for a new dress, I have a nice jacket and hat, but it will be nice to wear something new, and to make it better I have a couple of weddings this summer, so it will be worn more than once.
I have finished Girl on the Train and have passed it to Fliss to read, I also have a few other's who will read it before it gets passed to a charity shop, a very enjoyable style of reading.
We are enjoying the beautiful weather, plus I arrive home each evening by 4.30, which gives me time to relax and time to get out into the garden, each evening all the solar lights work so we have an enchanting view, life is very pleasant at the moment.


  1. Your stitching is beautiful, such a lovely design. It sounds like life there is good, getting home at 4.30 is a good time, it gives you chance to enjoy your garden before the evening draws in.

  2. well done on the orange shoot, I hope it continues to grow, we will have to see a photo of you both all dressed up for the garden party, shame your not allowed to take photos :-)

  3. That is a very pretty design. I love the use of just a few colors!

  4. Hello!
    Beautiful stitching and lovely garden photos.
    Happy Friday x



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