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Monday, 27 April 2015

Busy post.

Firstly some sewing
part 5 arrived, nice easy stitching
 Orange pip, with nice shiny leaves
it's getting stronger each day
 What's this
an USA product, on Pintrest they are saying if you dilute 50/50 with water and spray it should keep flies away, useful in the garden. Summer is coming and mad cat woman and her 20+ cats next door are already providing us with loads of flies. I have sprayed it along our wooden fence and over the wooden table, it smells lovely.
I'll let you know if it works, I got it from Amazon.
 Tomato plants are doing ok, 
I have a plastic closh around them for a bit of extra protection
 Peony time again, can you feel my huge grin, so far there are 8 buds, but more will come. Sorry if you get fed up with my gushing about this plant, it just means so much to me, a bit of mum in the garden. 
 English bluebells a beautiful sight, I have some more to plant for next spring and behind my Aquelia just coming into flower, this plant has reseeded through out the bed, so loads of flowers. I hope to dig some up when they are a bit bigger and do a plant swap with neighbours. 
Dawn sent me a link to Sizzlex sale page, so I now have a small order coming my way, I did keep it under £20, I have ordered some nice embossing plates.
Yesterday afternoon we were inside, so I was able to stitch the whole design in one day, next square will be out in a month.
Tonight it is much cooler, the sky is dark and we are hoping for some more rain, hubby and I are going for a small walk, he has to return a large rake borrowed from a friend, Tomorrow the top soil and turf arrive, he has the whole day to get it done, we just need the delivery to come early.
Hubby is now working just 3 days a week, just until September and then he will retire, I have another 6 years to go, thanks to the government changing the retiring age for woman, I hope to be able to stop work in a couple of years. So hubby will have time to play golf (weather permitting) twice a week.


  1. It will be interesting to see if it works I hope so :-)

  2. Will be very interested to hear if that spray stuff works on keeping flies away.....living on farmland we have loads of flies here.

  3. You have a neighbour with 20 cats? Poor you and your garden.

  4. A three day week? How lovely. Is he going to keep house on the other two days whilst you're at work? You'll have to let us know how that spray works, I have all the neighbourhood cats in my garden, Archie doesn't scare them off.

  5. 20 cats, I have enough with the visitor cat, I have twiggy sticks clustered round all my plants to keep her off the soil. It is great to see all the life in the garden, I put some low staging in the greenhouse today. It is ready for my peppers and a couple of the cucumbers, the tomatoes will be opposite.

  6. Had a lovely catch up of your last 4 posts. Your garden looks beautiful. I see the weathermen are predicting rain later this week, perfect for your new lawn.
    It will be interesting to see if the new product from the USA keeps the flies away. 20 cats is way too many....I thought my neighbour was bad with 6!

  7. 20+ cats! UG! I hope the spray works. It is so hard when you love to be out working in the garden and then to have that next door.Your stitch project is so pretty!

  8. Pine SOl smells SO GOOD! Will be glad to hear how it works . . and the plants are looking lush.



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