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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Art in my garden

It's not just plants which make your garden
Granddad here guards the back door.
 I often show you this area, a mixture of colour and form
 Love these pots
 Toadstool or shiny ball
 Out side the back door, get the message I like blue
 My little robin, in the hedge
 a present from a friend
 This bunny has been with us over 10 years
 Hubby's art
 We both love this clock
 And sound, these wind chimes, always the sound of summer.
Shed art is another tale
I have a few stone animals around the plot, as well as bug hotels, bee bells, and far too many bird feeders. As a woman of a certain age, the garden at night lights up with coloured lights, always a great view from the sitting room.
When we arrived here in 2009, there was only the small flower bed at the back, plus a rusty wheelbarrow with a sad rose planted inside. The lawn was full of dandelions and was yellow, the Magnolia tree had loads of growth from the base and looked like a huge bush. So all the beds have been created by us, it has taken time to use the space so well, I would love a bigger garden, but am happy with how this looks. We have discussed an allotment, but there are none close by, and I'm a home person, my joy is stepping outside into my growing area. 
This garden has helped me recover from my battle with cancer, it has entertained loads of fun BBQ's, plus a playground for grand son's, it has seen a few sad times as well, but the joy of seeing life coming back each season gives me so much pleasure.  
Today I have a few task's, the most important is sorting the ground for the new turf, we still need to level it, pulling soil from the middle to the front, we have also hired a roller to ensure it is flat, on Tuesday the top soil will arrive with the turf. 
Today I received a parcel from Dawn, with Oca seeds, I will get them into a couple of large tubs, some thing new for me to grow, photo's next time. 
PS, granddad in the first photo, looks so much like my first husband, Josh calls him Bobby(Ex's name is Bob), it's rather funny.


  1. Your garden looks great so many different types of pots.

  2. I love lots of little ornaments and quirky things around a garden, it's what gives it a bit of personality.

  3. Marlene, sorry for not posting for ages :( Just been catching up again with your blog and really enjoyed it - your garden looks terrific. I hope that we have a great summer. Also enjoying catching up on your sewing and as always simply beautiful. Love some of your ideas about living a more simplistic life - I've wanted this for a long time :)

  4. I agree with you that gardening is a very therapeutic activity. It is a great excuse to just go outside and enjoy the fresh air. I've thought recently about giving up my allotment, but I do love having a space away from home that I can go to and work on. When I stop enjoying it will be the time to move on.

    Like yourselves, our garden was not in great shape when we moved in here 7 or 8 years ago, as the house had been rented out for a few years before we came, but I love how it looks now and it is really low maintenance.

  5. Yard Art . . oh how I love it. I have always felt that I had a difficult time decorating my home, but my garden is another thing altogether.

    I don't have a Bobby, but I do have quite a few rabbits . . . I think the saying is true . . they sure do multiply when a garden is present :)

    This year we bought a solar water fountain for the front flower bed. Once the weather gets nie, and we can sit on the porch, it will go in the garden where the angel was last year.

    The solar part is what keeps the fountain moving, so we have no need for electric cords now :)

  6. Yeah the Oca arrived good, I do like Grandad he looks a real character :-)

  7. Gardens are very special places. I love all your garden art!

  8. I've just found your blog through Linda (SUch is Life) Your garden is absolutely beautiful as is your stitching.



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