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Monday, 6 April 2015

New season

My herb garden, with garlic growing in the front. 
I love the chives growing around the bay tree pot
Also in this garden is Rosemary, Sage, Marjoram, 
and loads of Thyme. I have tarragon read to go out.
Raspberries and strawberries
Blackcurrant bush
 Veg and flowers
French beans
 Looking down the fence, 
you can see I have added sticks to keep the cats out of the herb bed.  
The big black pot is for tomato's, hubby is growing them this year.
Blueberry and yellow gooseberry in the pots.
 We uncovered the wooden furniture,
now we want the warm sunny evenings
I have not been able to paint these yet, on checking the details, they will require a coat of primer first. I think my cushions are a bit thick for the seats, but I am not going to change them, they are very comfortable to sit on. I will get primer tomorrow and start on them in the week. 
 Last huge job, hubby is going to dig up the lawn, level it, and relay turf. 
I have nothing to do with the lawn, 
it's hubbies area, he keeps it cut and looking good. 
Over the past couple of years sections have sunk, 
we have quiet a step down from the decking.
Both gates have been painted and are now ready for hanging.
 I love to see a robin in the tree

Yesterday was a productive day again, it was dull for most of the day, the sun found it's way to us about 4ish, I did enjoy being inside looking at the garden with the sunshine bringing every thing to life.
When the sun shone it was still too cool to sit outside for long. 
This morning is sunny and we plan another day in the garden, but not mine, we are going to youngest daughters house to sort her front garden, again loads of over grown shrubs, most will be cut back. We are also planting a hedge by their garage wall. My daughter has been showing me images of pristine tidy gardens, any bets for how long it will last.
Hubby not a gardener, will be inside preparing a hot meal for everyone, Liver and bacon casserole, loads of fresh veg and new potatoes.


  1. I am glad to see that I am not alone in having plants everywhere. I have twiggy sticks all over the garden to keep the cats off, it looks as though some have rooted. My herbs are mostly in pots although the Rosemary and Bay are in the ground, I have also planted some common Thyme in the patio to creep along the slabs. Good weather here again today, grass cutting later when the sun dries the dew.

  2. Yum, I love liver casserole, I don't mind giving a bit of help in the garden for that reward. I got a bit done in my garden yesterday, the sun was shining and it was actually quite warm. It's dawned bright and sunny again today so I'm hoping to get some more done today.

  3. I really enjoy hearing about your garden. We are hoping to get our deck cleaned this week. Then, we too, will be wishing for nice weather. We have had a great winter but it is still a bit cool for sitting outside.

  4. Wow your garden is awesome. I really need to get organised and try something but I only have a little area to work in



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