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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy times

I had loads of stitching time early evening
resting after a busy afternoon in the garden
I purchased these from the Farmers market
I always go to the same producer
Yellow gooseberry
3 types of Chillie and tomatoes
4 thymes.
Climbing French beans, which I have already planted half, 
the rest are in a pot, just in case the first lot fail.
None of my seeds have done well in my little greenhouses
 Hubby has been busy, painted the first gate. 
I was worried regarding the green paint, but now I like it
 My Lemon and Lime plants are loving their bigger pot and life in the greenhouse. If you look in the second photo, you can just see green shoots for roots on the orange pips, small beginnings, but a whole lot of fun to grow. 
 My Avocado plant is not at it's best, the leaf colour is beautiful, 
I have just watered it here and the leaves have closed. 
I don't know if this will thrive , but it is the warmest place I can put it.  
I really enjoyed the afternoon in the garden, I have done most of the jobs I wanted to do. I have planted a few more small shrubs around the back garden.
I also have loads of Aquilegia plants and summer bulbs coming along well, these will soon be ready for planting out and filling gaps in the garden. I also planted my Cornus, it can be seen from the house giving a bit more winter colour in the garden. My Snakes head Fritllary has been potted into a larger pot and is loving it, loads of new growth.
 Half the herb garden is done, I will finish it tomorrow, I want to plant the thyme around the bed, I would like it to form a carpet around all the bigger herbs. I have planted loads of herb seeds so later I will have a few more to plant, basil and types of parsley, coriander and tarragon.
We did not shop in town, I was pleased we passed all clothing shops, did have a quick look in Wilkinson's, I managed to purchase a hand held tool, much like a rake, I will be able to weed my raised bed. I spent just 15p in the posh shop on bias binding.
Our coffee filter machine is playing up, for this house that is a major problem, both hubby and I enjoy nice fresh made coffee at home, will have to check on line for another machine. We have not called into a coffee shop when out and about, we now purchase our favourite coffee and drink only at home, the coffee is more expensive, but the savings we make on passing the coffee houses are greater.
This morning is dull again, but the promise of a sunny afternoon, I have a bit of house work to do this morning and then out into the garden.


  1. You have been busy! I like the sound of the carpet of thyme. I haven't got around to my herbs yet, I'm finding it too cold and wet to linger in the garden for long. The stitching looks fab as usual. :)

  2. Would love to see your herb garden, have a good Easter Sunday x

  3. Your stitching is coming along well already. It sounds like you've had a busy time in the garden and everything seems to be growing away.

  4. Spring is such a fun time of renewal in the garden. I look forward to seeing how yours progresses this year!

  5. Your piece is looking so pretty Marlene.


  6. That's my idea of a lovely day, gardening and stitching!!!!



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