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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Brown then green

Our lawn has gone
 Hubby has just over a week to work it into a flat solid area, 
then we can lay top soil and turf
 My raised veg plot, so many seedlings
 These are my latest attempt to grow sweet peas
This year I just planted the seeds into this pot, it is behind my trellis with the hedge growing, I hope they will grow up in and around the hedge. Every year, I get them so far, and when I plan them out I lose the lot.
 A nice Iris, I put loads of bulbs in last year and as always then forget what I have planted. My peony, this has to be my favourite plant, I can remember my mum tending to this plant in our front garden when I was a child.
 I love to see it back to life each year. 
 It is market day in the village, 
so I went to get a rose, I wanted a different colour, all the ones I have growing in the garden are yellow or white, this beautiful red one will go by our gates to fill the small gap, I could not find a pot, but I will get one on Saturday. 
 These followed me home
 I showed my boss the invitation below, who immediately agreed it was something I should not miss, and with his support, the big boss has granted I can still have the day off, hubby is very pleased and so am I, I have never been to a garden party where the Queen and Price Charles will attend.
We have had a beautiful sunny and warm day, just like summer, be we are told it won't last, but it is nice to see the sun, everyone is in a great mood.
I sat outside last night reading, I have now finished reading Girl on the Train, it was a great read. Many years ago I took the train into London often, and sat looking at back gardens, not to the point Rachel did, but it was a good story, and someone will make it into a great film.
I have done some stitching, and will show you next time, I am getting to the point where I am thinking about my next project, I have a WIP, Winter Watergarden I might pull out, it is stitched 1 over 2 on linen, which makes counting difficult.
Soon it will be the weekend, not much planned, a trip out with youngest daughter Su on Saturday, and the rest of the time at home. I hope you are building great plans for your weekend.


  1. Your seedlings are coming on great ready for thinning out, do you pinch out the tops of the sweet peas to encourage them to bush out. How great a royal garden party what will you wear and don't forget the hat :-)

  2. Your veg bed is looking good and I know how you feel about sweet peas, I also get them so far, plant them out and then the slugs tend to get them. I'm still giving them a go again this year. You were quick reading that book, it must be good, I'm looking forward to reading it. Glad you can still have the day off for your garden party, I'm sure it will be a lovely day.

  3. WOW . . what an invitation :)

    We are planning on tilling our back yard up and replanting grass. We have a tree in the center of the yard and it had gotten so big it was hard for the sun to get to the grass so most of it died. We got it trimmed back last year so, hopefully, the grass will grow this summer.

  4. I hope you will have a wonderful lawn this year. We over-seeded and are hoping for good results. So happy you have time off for your special event!

  5. WOW - what an invitation you have got there!
    I never have success with sweetpeas or sunflowers, there must be a secret somewhere......
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Your seedlings in the raised beds are doing really well.

  7. You must be so excited about your invitation to Windsor! Please be sure to share some pictures with us. :D

  8. Your seedlings are doing well and look great. I'm a bit behind this year, but hoping to catch up soon. I need to check out the seeds I sowed at the allotment before Easter.



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