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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Green gates

Our gates are done
Looking into our garden
 Hubby made a good job
We have a gap on the right, so I will put a pot there
another rose, but not yellow, I will look for one on Wednesday
our local market has a plant section, the plants are always healthy.
All we now require is something to go in front of the two dustbins.
 I do not have any luck with tulips, I have loads planted, but they never come to much, this double is pretty, I wish I could have a few more.
 English bluebells
I love these, and I have loads coming up in my back garden.
I have grape hyacinths in the front garden, 
but I don't allow them to grow in the back.
I did all the housework this morning and then pottered in the garden, it's so nice when everything is up to date. We sat outside to eat our lunch, first time this year in our garden. It is windy today and out of the sun cool, I have twice picked up Magnolia petals from the lawn, as always a labour of love.
My Peony is coming back, already loads of growth and buds, I really should split this plant, but because of it's age I am scared to do much, I would hate to kill it.
This afternoon, I popped to see Su and David, they are still working in their front garden, all the slate has been laid around the new box plants, one plant is in a black pot sitting on the drain cover. They are hoping to get all the bark down on the other side of the garden this week, both their neighbours commented on how much work they have done, I am very pleased for them.
We did not go for a bike ride this afternoon, it's just too windy, which is a shame, still we have loads of sunny days to look forward to.
Last night we watched a film and I had a glass of red wine, so no stitching to show you, but soon I will stitch.


  1. wrought iron gates are very elegant, they look really smart :-)

  2. The gates really look nice. The perfect entrance to the garden. I'm hoping to tame my rapidly growing clematis this afternoon.

  3. The gates are looking good. I love that green.

  4. It looks like you had some good weather, it's been raining here all day but the sun has decided to come out now that evening's here.

  5. The gates look great Marlene.


  6. Take my advice don't split the Peony they don't like it. I had two in my garden, split one about ten years after we moved into our house which had an established garden when we moved in and it never grew again. The other one is fine
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Your home looks very welcoming and the new gates look splendid.

  8. Your gates are GORGEOUS. Your husband did a great job.

    I hate to tell you this but our tulips are coming up and if the flowers are as pretty as the leaves they will be great.

    You probably take care of your tulips. We just plant and let them go :)



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