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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

And rest

I love this little pot, it makes me think of my dad
for years I had silk white daises in it
Dad always grew daises, they were the only flower he grew, 
'if you can't eat it, why grow it' I can still hear him now
 When I was sorting my side of the office, I found it in the back corner of the window sill, behind my monitor. So I have filled it with some of my large buttons, and it's on my shelf. Did I tell you I love buttons, 
I will purchase buttons, with out any reason, just nice to have them.  
 I did do a small amount of stitching, after the day in our daughters garden, 
I was really tired last night. 
 It's growing nicely 
 Our mini Orchids are doing well, these are really pretty.
Our daughters front garden is not so overgrown now, it has been uncared for, for the last few years. Outside her front window were 4 small tree's all gone wild, we have trimmed them and cut loads of lower growth, ensuring there is only one trunk, I also used our loppers and trimmed the top of the trees, they look much better. They had an enormous spiky plant in front of the trees, which we managed to dig out, it's not all gone, but looks good for now, it won't die, because we want to get rid of it. They had overgrown shrubs along the long boundary fence, which I have cut back to ground level. They had wanted to dig them all out, but if they come back smaller, they will look good and save them money, we also trimmed the neighbours plants.  When we left, they were planting 42 small box plants in two lines,  to form a hedge along side the garage wall.
Hubby cooked a lovely meal, liver, bacon and leeks, it was delicious, after 3 trips to the tip with huge bags filled, a hard but rewarding day. We will need to go back another day, just a few more task  and a couple of things to do in the back garden.
Today was another busy day in the office, we are not work horses, but we do get loads of bills sorted. I now sit next to a window, which was open most of the day, the sunshine was wonderful, and home by 4.30, perfection.
Later I have photography club, life is good, just counting down the last few years until retirement, government says I now have wait until I'm 66 for my pension, but I'm lucky and will only have to do a couple more years and then hubby can keep me.


  1. I think your little pot is lovely and so nice that it holds happy memories for you. Your meal sounds delicious, we didn't have an Easter roast over the weekend so we're having roast leg of lamb tonight, it smells delicious and I'm looking forward to it. They will keep moving the goal posts for pensions, it's so confusing. I stopped working five years ago, age 41, but I may have to go back when the interest rates rise, we'll have to see.

  2. Your Christmas stitching patterns and work are absolutely lovely.

  3. How big are those big buttons? They look HUGE!

  4. A very pretty little pot. Being retired is wonderful! You will have even more time for the garden and for stitching.



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