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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Our boys

Josh and Sam
Yummy chocolate cake
Not in my garden!
These were taken over the weekend, I did pick up the boys from school today, loads of fun and laughter in our tiny garden, Sam chased us all around with my greenhouse sprayer, getting us all wet.
It is so pleasing to have the doors open and play outside in the sunshine.
But the fore caste is for the weather to get colder and wet. 
Last night we had photography club and had a lesson on macro, which I am very interested in, I did not learn too much, most of it I had already worked out, but he did have a really nice flash light which sat around the lens. I am going to price one up because often my macro work is dark.
Work is going well, still on my huge learning curve, but it's interesting.
The garden is looking good, I have watered every where tonight, and hoping for some rain to save me doing again at the weekend. My tomato and cucumber seeds are now starting to grow, all very late. My cucamelon is also doing well, I only have one plant this season. I have not finished the primer on the table and chairs, I still have to purchase a second can.
I have not stitched, I have been tired and I will admit feeling a bit blue, not something that happens often, but hubby is trying hard to ensure I feel better. Su youngest daughter is popped over this evening, I am looking forward to seeing her.


  1. Hope you feel more upbeat again soon, I'm sure those lovely boys will keep your chin up.

  2. Hope you feel better soon - having those cuties around must have helped a little. Take care.

  3. What cute little boys!! Hope you are back to your happy self very soon. We all have those days.

  4. Made me smile your 'not in my garden' comment to the dandelion head ... it is one of my DH's pet hates when next door don't mow their lawn frequently and the seeds blow over the fence lol.

  5. I've got lots of cucamelons again this year, they proved really popular with my girls. Being able to play outside is so good for the children.



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