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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Night and day

Almost there
more stitching last night
Loving Santa and the reindeer
but the reindeer have reins and the snowman above has arms
these should be done in white I'm not sure
Also there are stars to be added, again in white,
I have some beautiful gold thread, and stars are gold
What do you think?
Flowers on the blueberry bush
 These cyclamen should not be flowering 
 Love this sign, it's over my raised veg plot
We spent a very warm afternoon in the garden, not getting back inside until just after 7pm, hubby has sorted out a slim water butt for me, sits just in front of our garage, so the blueberries can be watered with rain water. I potted on some flower seedlings, weeded all round the plot. We have a change of plan and the beautiful red rose can not sit by the gate, there is not enough room for a huge pot, so I have put my tower pots there instead. Now I have to find a home for the rose, that's a job for later today.
We going into town to look for a dress for the garden party, but in truth I'm not sure if I want to go, will have to see how I feel later, I have a bit of housework to be done.
Later I would like to go out with our camera's and take some photo's around Fareham, we have a lovely creek, when the tide is in it looks beautiful, with the local golf club along the bank, nearby a cricket pitch, and loads of lovely walks.


  1. Gorgeous stitching. You've got to go to the garden party. As my mum and dad used to say, you'll enjoy it when you get there. Just buy a dress you know you will feel comfortable in, one you can wear again and again, and wear a piece of jewellery that you haven't worn for awhile, a brooch a ring or necklace, something that belonged to a parent and pretend you are taking them too!
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Sorry Julie I was talking about not wanting to go to town, I have got out of the habit of shopping and the thought of all those people, all bumping about, on this sunny day I would rather be in my garden. The garden party I would not miss.

  3. I know I've said it lots of times, but your stitching is BEAUTIFUL :)

  4. Beautiful design Marlene and lovely stitching.


  5. Hum-m-m-m-m-m, what colors to use?

    If you want the items to blend in, go with the white. If you want them to "pop" off the fabric, then go with the colors. Either way, it will be beautiful.

    Your sign is just adorable :)

  6. I know how you feel over shopping, I avoid it like the plague, clothes shopping I hate, haven't you got some thing you could just add a few accessories to jazz it up a bit :-)

  7. Blueberry flowers already, my plants are a little behind yours. I hate going clothes shopping, I don't mind if I'm going with someone else, I just don't like looking for clothes for myself.

  8. Gold stars definitely.

  9. That is a lovely Christmas project!

  10. Lovely stitching - I think I'd be inclined to stitch the snowman's arms and the reigns in black. Gold sounds good for the stars or a golden yellow.

    We have rhubarb growing and blossom on out miniature apple trees - we also like to use the water collected in our water butt to water them during dry spells.

    We also live near a creek which runs into the River Tamar. Enjoy your walk and I hope you get lots of nice photos.

  11. Hello
    Your stitching looks beautiful.
    Lovely garden photos too.
    Happy Monday x

  12. Yes to the gold stars and definitely brown stick arms for the snowman and reins on the reindeer.
    Hope you had a nice walk.



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