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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Too wet!

We got my table and two chairs back
 All the paint has been removed, we were told it was a hard job, but it has been done well, just a quick check over, there are a few flakes stuck in the design, and then a new coat, we are using Hammerite, it's a job I want done and finished and not to be repeated for years. I have dark green paint and I'm now not sure, it will match the gates.
 We have done nothing in the garden, it has been a day inside, Sam did get to help me water the greenhouse, but we did not get any planting done, the hope is today will be better weather.
 I did more stitching last night, there are loads of counting, so I am ensuring I check everything, this could go badly wrong if I do not concentrate.
It was a fun day with the boys, they had their Easter eggs early, they are going to Grandma's in Manchester today, so it will be a couple of weeks before we get to see them again. Both boys enjoyed the film Paddington, it's a well made film on loads of levels, with items directed at adults as well as children of all ages.
I cut loads of cards for Josh, he is making his own dream team football cards, he was gathering facts from the internet to add to the cards.
This morning is dull but dry, we have the Farmers market in town, I also require some bias binding to repair hubby's favourite coat, the sleeve lining is torn, we can pop in the expensive shop in town. Then home to spend time in the garden, I want to finish moving the rest of the top soil, I have done some more but I need to sort the herb garden, pot on seedlings and sow a few more seeds.


  1. I think green for the furniture would be good, that's what I would have chose, have a great weekend.

  2. That is just the type of table and chairs that I would like, I am looking but all I have found so far is cheap and nasty or HOW B****Y MUCH! I will keep on searching.The greenhouse is looking good, I have just got room to walk into mine, check every thing and then reverse out. There is room to turn round but I am just a tad clumsy.

  3. Beautiful design Marlene. Green is my favorite color.


  4. I painted ours green with a Hammerite type paint. I usually paint the garden furniture every other year. You stitching as always impresses me greatly. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  5. Your table and chairs will be like new again, definitely worth getting that paint removed. I hope you managed some time in the garden today. It's been lovely here, gardening weather for sure but I've had a day in Leeds with Eleanor so I'm hoping that we get some more good weather for the rest of the Easter weekend.

  6. Wow those chairs must have taken ages to clean. Your stitching is looking lovely.



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