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Friday, 10 April 2015

This and that

I came home to an unexpected parcel
my sister had a saw this and thought of you moment
Nice way to start the weekend
 Seedlings in the raised garden
so tiny and so much pleasure.
 Last time I showed you our Magnolia tree in full bloom, today I am showing you the hard work it gives me, this is just one days drop, even on a calm day, it give loads of petal, each day I pick these up from the lawn.
 Purdy loves to follow me around, she loves to check out the garden.
 The tape just goes along two sides,
 so this bit is almost finished. 
 I popped into our local library yesterday, to find a different author, it sounds as if it might be a good read. I have also ordered Girl on the Train, I have read a couple of good reviews, so it's on it's way to me, got it 2nd hand off Amazon.
Yesterday's lunch was great fun, as a group of people we get on so very well, John loved the card I made him. We spend all the afternoon catching up, chatting, swapping photo's of grandchildren. I had a hair appointment before, so it was a indulgent day.
I have done nothing else, water the garden and greenhouse's, watch Master-chef, hubby is a real fan of the programmes, and stitch.
We have very few plans for the weekend, the hope is for the weather to stay dry and warm, we can then have a trip out on the bike, which will be the 1st time this year for me.
Hubby's mate is using his Rotavator this weekend so the lawn is put off for a few days, it's nice to be on top of every thing else and have time to enjoy the nice weather.
I have been wearing my sandals this week, what a joy to pack the boots away, I do love my boots in the winter, but as soon as the warmer weather arrives I love my sandals. The sunshine makes every thing so much more fun and enjoyable.


  1. Little seedlings are a joy, that tiny little capsule bursting into life :-)

  2. What a sweet little gift you received and so very you!
    I love your current stitch, the tape effect around the edge is so realistic.
    Our Magnolia Tree is in full bloom too, the buds always remind me of candles when they close up for the night.
    Yey! Bring on the sandals, a real sign Summer is on its way xxx

  3. It's warm here too. Such a wonderful time to watch the garden growing.

  4. The sunshine certainly puts a smile on my face. My DH picks up the camellia flowers as they drop in our garden.

  5. The sign is great!!What a thoughtful gift. I am one of the very few people I know that did not like, "A Girl on the Train". You will have to let us know what you think of it.

  6. What a lovely sister you have x

  7. So much to comment about here. First of all, your magnolia, isn't it beautiful? Definitely worth the work you have to put in. I've got Girl On The Train waiting for my to read it. It was a Kindle special offer, I can't remember how much it was now but definitely less than £2. Love the little sign that your sister bought you, that suits you down to the ground. I'm loving Masterchef, we watch that as a family, we've still got last night's episode to watch. I've dug out my sandals too, I bought a pair from Clarks last year, they were rather expensive but they're so comfortable. Sensible rather than stylish, but I love them.



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