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Monday, 20 April 2015

Weekend jobs done

We did get into town yesterday, popped to Debenham's
The dress is new the jacket a favourite 
It does look much better on.
 I also got a couple pair of canvas shoes,
perfect with my jeans
mine are scruffy and only fit for wearing in the garden
 Hubbies work from Saturday, he had to fix a leak in the join on the down pipe, now all the rain from the garage roof will collect here. The peony will double in size and cover alot of the butt, plus I have huge daises in the corner which will grow. 
 One of my task later was to spray primer on my table and chairs, 
 the breeze dropped enough for me to spray them, 
over next weekend they will be painted dark green.
 Not sure if you can see but the rose is in the back right hand corner, I have a verbena and an aquilegia along the back, there are gladiola's also coming through. The brown long tub behind the fence has my sweet peas, so this area should be full of colour.  Later I will dig the front and pop in some flowers, 
I have loads in my greenhouse.  
Purdy watched us work all afternoon.
We were back from town is less than two hours, which pleased both of us, the dress was expensive, but I have my niece's wedding in the summer and another niece's who is getting married in the sun is having a wedding party, so I will get wear out of the dress. I really do not mind any more if the dress is seen in more than one set of photo's. Neither hubby or I wanted to spend any extra time in the town, how much time and money in past years have we wasted doing the weekend town visit.
Last night I did nothing, after another afternoon in the garden, I ached, I'm not liking this getting old stuff, I keep have strong words to my body, but it does not listen.
After work I collected Josh and Sam from school, Josh played football and Sam was on gardening duties, he watered every tub, with a tiny amount of water, then he swept the back section of the garden, tried out the round cushions on my chairs, which he declared were for the gardeners, him and nanna.
It was lovely to have the patio doors open, the boys spent almost all the time outside, we are lucky our house suits inside/outside living, shame the flies have already started. No stitching tonight, I'm really tired again, so an early night is calling.


  1. Lovely dress. You'll look great.

  2. Lovely new clothes and shoes!
    Your garden looks lovely x

  3. Your dress looks lovely I do like the colours, you will make a lovely couple dressed to the nines. Your garden is looking really good, its going to be great seeing it all in colour :-)

  4. I can really identify with you. We spent much of the day in the yard and both my DH and I ache all over!! That 's a great dress. I think you will get a lot of use from it.

  5. I agree about your dress, and I love cnvas shoes, they are the only ones that I can wear with bare feet. The garden is reflecting your hard work, and yes I agree with the aches and pains and getting older. My mind jsut will not process my age, it is stuck somewhere around 35.

  6. Your dress is lovely, and it's good that you'll get some wear out of it. I'm just the same, I hate clothes shopping so when I do go, anything I buy has to be suitable for more than one occasion.

  7. Do you have a spigot on the downspout now so you can use the water in the garden? It looks like you will be able to collect the water, even though I have never seen a collector like that.

    Purdy looks so happy to be outside.

  8. Beautiful dress you decided on.



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