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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mix and fix

The 6th section came in yesterday
simple stitching, lovely design.
 More on Carrie Rose
This section is almost finished, must be done by June 10th
My next start arrives, another stitch along
 My micro salad
looks good and taste better
our kids were bemused with me growing it
we also had fresh radish and herbs.
he does not normally pick flowers from our garden
last September, Sam choose the plants for the pots at the side of our house
yesterday he was so pleased to see so many lovely flowers
 This morning we have the promised rain, 
Oh well at least we had a sunny day yesterday
We had our BBQ last night, and lit our chimera, being British we sat in our fleeces eating, as the sun was going down it got rather cold, desert was taken inside.
May must have been one of our coolest on record, out of the sun yesterday was cool.
I did spend some time in the garden, I tried to make a fruit net cage, I had the poles, corner connectors and net, it all went well until I tried to put the net on the frame, it's not big enough when stretched, so for now, I have a 3/4 net cage, still it looks better than my 1st attempt, with loads of bean sticks. I also planted a few leeks in my raised garden.
Sam and Josh spent the afternoon with us, Sam outside, helping me in the garden, asking loads of questions, and taking an Aquilegia for his garden, Josh stayed inside making more Harry Potter cards, I now have to make Doctor Who cards for him. They are coming back this afternoon, we are taking them to the ice cream parlour, we are looking forward to their faces on seeing so much ice cream. I'm sure photo's will follow.


  1. Lovely micro salad, the stitching in the top photo is great I do like those designs :-)

  2. I agree with you about this being a cold May. It's been flipping freezing! What flavour ice cream did you have.

  3. Lovely progress Marlene. Your lawn is so green and pretty.


  4. I like both of your stitching projects but that first one is so pretty all in white. I can't believe how windy May has been, it's blowing a gale again today. Enjoy your time at the ice cream parlour.

  5. Micro Salad seems to be the in thing now, must look into it.

  6. The stitching look great and lucky you! spending time with the grand children!

  7. May was definitely cold and finished quite wet too.



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