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Friday, 15 May 2015


 We had a perfect evening last night, 
curry was lovely with 24 people from the three groups
All our Tuesday night group came 
 Just a couple of my photo's
I am proud of both of these, the light was good in both cases
taken on our weekend away in South Wales
below from Raglan Castle
We each had a certificate of attendance, which was a nice surprise.
The winner of the competition had a photo of a lovely sunset over the water with a small boat in shadow, in truth I did not vote for it, I thought there were others better. The photo I expected to win of a robin after a water bath, scored only a few votes.
The two photo's above gained me second place for the water shot and third place for the ruin castle window. I am truly shocked and also very pleased. I was shocked how many voted for each, our tutor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, very infectious and good for his students.
The rest of my photo's are here
In other news I have won the pepper seeds from Kirsty it is a play it forward give away and once the seeds arrive I will take a few and pass them on, more details in a later post.
I had a lucky day yesterday.


  1. You take beautiful photographs, well done, a very deserved win.

  2. congratulations, perhaps you should get a lottery ticket it ight just be your lucky week :-)

  3. Well done on your win, you are very good at photography x

  4. They are fantastic photos and well done on getting 2nd and 3rd place for them.

  5. Very well done on your 2nd and 3rd place. All I can say is that the winners must have been outstanding as your photos are fabulous. Glad you had a nice evening.

  6. Congratulations! Your photos are beautiful.

  7. Stunning pictures you captured.

  8. Well done - your photos are lovely. I know that window well (I live a stone's throw from Raglan Castle) and you have made it look extraordinary.
    Teresa x



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