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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

So green

Last night was a perfect evening
 I spent a couple of hours doing little jobs 
then, sat outside and ate tea with hubby
Had my 1st Pimms of the season
 I have more seedling coming along 
and planted a few of each of these
they are not huge but they should grow
My plot is well and truly filled with plants.
 Inside my kiwi seeds have germinated
can you see the tiny white shoots
I have kept them wet on a piece of kitchen towel
on our sunny warm window sill
I will add just a small amount of compost to keep them growing.
 On Monday I got this tiny tin as a treat
full of sweets much like Parma Violets but loads of different flavours. 
Not sure what I can use it for.
I sat with my book last night, Dark Place is almost finished and I don't know how it will end. Tonight is much cooler, so evening inside and I hope to stitch. It's so much fun to have so many things I love to do. I have done more to Carrie Rose, but not enough to show you here.
Tomorrow I will pick up my parcel from the sorting office, it should be for my stitching stash, I'm not expecting anything else.
I am so please to have time to sit in our garden and enjoy all the work we have done, it has taken 4 years to reach where we are, we both love to watch the birds and have loads of feeders around the garden, it does mean I have to use net where we don't want the birds. The Pinesol I purchased does help with the flies, I used some just before we set out our meal, plus it does smell lovely. So we are happy in our tiny part of Hampshire.


  1. Sitting in the garden drinking Pimms. Sounds idyllic.

  2. It's lovely when you've got the garden to the stage where you can sit outside and enjoy it, also that you have lots of hobbies. I'm just the same, I'm never bored. It's a shame the weather's cooler again but I think it's supposed to warm up again at the weekend, fingers crossed.

  3. Your garden looks a delight. It's great just sitting and admiring all the handiwork. I like tins but it's a dilemma what to fill them with when they are empty. I always forget what I've put in them so have to open them all to find the thing I want.

  4. Your yard looks gorgeous Marlene.


  5. Oh what a beautiful garden!It's so neat and tidy!

    I love your cat staring out, rather reproachfuly haha :) the little sweetie

  6. I think summer is 'teasing us' this year. Some evenings are perfect for a glass of wine in the garden... then we have another night of high winds and it's really chilly. Thanks for commenting on my last post. Jx

  7. Lovely to see your garden, it shows all the hard work that you have put in. I hope that mine will look as good after 4 years.

  8. What a pleasant place to take your tea! Love that little tin!

  9. Everything looks so green and pretty. We have a neighbor with lots of bird feeders in her yard. Guess what?! She had a visit from a bear last week. We do live in a heavily wooded area and there are bears in Washington State.

  10. The new lawn looks wonderful. Cute little tin.

  11. I love your little tin, I have a thing about tins :)



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