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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Laughter in the rain

Carrie Rose is growing
I want to complete the centre section 
this is the 1st quarter 
 Sam and Josh are with us again
Sam doing his bum dance
it's great to hear laughter around our home
Josh is busy with his Star Wars cards, and camera shy
Book report I have finished 
Sharp Objects, sorry can't get the photo to turn
totally brilliant book, did not see the end coming
I have a couple more of her books to read
We are out for a curry tonight, it is the last get together for our camera club, so just a social evening, we will also get the results of our photo competition tonight, I'm not good enough to win, but I hope a few people voted for my photo's. I have stopped using my snappy camera, and using my Sony for all photo's, I hope you can see an improvement in the quality. Hubby is taking the next level photography course, I think it is a bit much for me, I am very happy with the understanding I have of my camera, plus hubby can pass on any useful tips.
Garden is looking good, the rain helps, every where is green and lush, but I find it hard not to be able to walk around our tiny plot. I can see the whole of the garden from our sitting room, but it's not the same.


  1. Have a lovely evening :-)

  2. Have a great evening. I am a bit envious that you have those little guys around. My grand children are over a thousand miles away. Thank goodness for facetime.

  3. I hope you had a great evening, my boys are too old for the bum dance now but I remember it well x

  4. I hope you had a lovely evening and that you got some good feedback about your photos in the competition. I've never read any of Gillian Flynn's books, I shall have to look out for this.



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