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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bank holiday weekend

I have pulled out Carrie Rose
I am able to get on with some before the next section is published using other sections, this is another design with repeat patterns. I really could not find anything new to start, I really fancy stitching with loads of colour and filling the whole canvas with stitches, much like patchwork. I'm going to get my thinking head on. 
 I have also to finish these santa's
 We popped to our local nursery this morning
I wanted a few Alpines and herbs
I did not buy any extra plants
I really don't have any room in any of my beds.
 The Alpines planted, I pulled two apart and have another plant of each,
The third went in my china pot, I had this pot since the 70's
I love to see a group of plants on this old table.
 This photo is so full of promise
all three fruits have flowers and some fruits.
I have spent most of the day outside, Sam, Josh and mummy came to visit and stayed, Sam playing in the garden and asked a million questions.  I have created some football cards for Josh, he can fill them in how he wants, he loves them and was putting together his dream team, I have saved the template so I can always print more.
I really did not have much to do in the garden, alot of my Aquilegia had self seeded in the side garden, so I dug out loads of plants, I have used 4 around our garden and gave another 7 to Chris across the road, who came back with two huge clumps of English bluebells and 7 'plant them and see what they are plants'. I have also planted another 5 Aquilegia's to pass to Win next month. I love this time of year, we all plant swap. Tomorrow I want to pop into Wilko's, I require another 2 little black fences to finish around the fruit garden, and I want a small arch for the veg plot and my climbing French beans.
I also spent an hour thinning the seedlings in my veg plot.
Hubby is watering the new lawn and all the fruit around the plot and the best bit we still have another two days off together.


  1. Your stitching is looking lovely. Those Santas are cute! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.

  2. I do like your collection of pots with Alpines, it reminded me of Beth Chattos garden she had a very impressive collection of pots :-)

  3. Carrie Rose is so pretty! It looks like your garden is coming along nicely. We spent much of our day in the yard.

  4. I wish I had someone to plant swap with, especially if they had bluebells to exchange. I have loads of self seeded aquilegias, the only problem is that they're the run of the mill purple and pink ones, I wish a different colour would pop up.

  5. Jo I have a couple yellow ones, but I'm sure it's the bigger purple one throwing all the seeds, we can only wait and see.

  6. Thanks for popping by my little blog and thanks for the NDFC tip! Lemons are on my list!

  7. Your alpines look great. I paid a visit to Wilko's this weekend too, although for me it was to get some household and other items. It's a great shop, I always spend far too much when I go in.



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