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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pink and green

Lovely pink balls of pleasure
and protected from the wind
 My Hosta is doing very well
the best it's been in years
 Orange pip
I love the dark green shiny leaves
 More books to read
I have seen the film Gone Girl and my daughter recomended I read the book
These were just £5 from the book people
 These popped into my basket
£5 for both, I love the old flower sketches
Sam and Logan have postcards to colour 
I have not done much, I finished reading Perfect, which was often a chore, I won't search the author out again. I have started reading Sharp Objects as shown above, it's looks a good read. I pass books on to both my daughters to read and friends, then they go to the Charity shop.
The next section of Carrie Rose is released tomorrow, so I will have some stitching to do. I have spent time planning my next project, which will be alot of stitching, I have two designs in mind, I would like to use both, not sure it will work so loads of sketches before stitching. I am stitching patchwork, which will always be my first love.
Daughter is back home after her holiday, they both looked relaxed and happy.
It is another windy day here, not as bad as in the week and it keeps trying to rain. Hubby has cut our new lawn for the first time, it does look good, I will not have any time for outside today, I need to get housework done, the place is not looking so good.
Our trip out to Ludworth Cove with Photography club was cancelled, the weather and light not being kind enough.
Tomorrow I am working until 2pm, not something I want to do, but our department is behind and the only way we can catch up is extra days. Not everyone is working, but I think if I show I am happy to help out, it might lead to another role before the contract is up.


  1. I'm going to investigate your orange plant a bit more! The weather is shocking here too

  2. Your peonies look very pretty. Where did you get your set of floral postcards from?

    It's always good to show willing - hopefully the time will go quickly for you and then you can enjoy some leisure time.

  3. What stunning flowers from your Hosta. When we had Hostas they only proudced white. I'm going to check out your books as they sound interesting, and good luck with the stitching.


  4. The peonies are a lovely colour and the hosta looks amazing. Think I might try those books too - keep looking at them. Was the film good?

  5. I love the Book People, I always end up buying more than I intended when I go on that site. What a shame about your trip to Lulworth Cove, I hope they reschedule it when the weather's better.

  6. Our peonies are still in bud.

  7. Beautiful plants. I love the Book People too, I've had some fantastic bargains.

  8. Your Peony is lovely
    Julie xxxxxx



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