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Monday, 4 May 2015


Peoney time
first flower, but there are loads more buds.
 My Acer, it's a few years old now
I will renew all the compost in this pot later this year,
not bad for a 99p end of season purchase.
 Strawberries doing well
 and tucked behind the neat little fence, 
I have added this fence around the herb garden as well,
 it stops the cats just walking on to the beds.
 This Blueberry was purchased last year, loads of flowers
hoping for a good first harvest
Gooseberries new plant this year, 
my other plant is much slower, 
I am thinking about putting it into another pot 
if it does not have too much fruit this year. 
Blackcurrant bush, 
second year still rather small, but very nice to see flowers/fruits.
Raspberries, they have taken over their section of the garden, 
My Blackberry bush, 
well not really a bush, 
planted last September, the new growth is strong. 
 A much better start this year for my Hosta
 Aquilegia's doing well, 
I have two yellow and this huge purple plant
and loads more small plants which will be removed when they get a bit bigger.
 In other parts of the garden
flowers are forming on the Tomato plants
my Chives, which grow around the tall pot with my bay tree in
are looking great, I love to see the flowers on chives.
So far this weekend I have been in the garden, weather permitting.
The lawn is settling well, I do walk on it, the Magnolia tree is still dropping petals, so I clear them every day and yesterday twice, we had a strong breeze all day.
My vegetable seedling have been thinned, they will need doing again, but I will use some on salads, I love baby beetroot leaves.
The flower seedling in the greenhouse are coming along well, it's now a battle to keep the slugs and snails off, I don't have so many as last year, I'm learning my lessons and growing just what I have space for, plus just a few extra for daughters garden.
The swapped plants are doing well, the amount of rain we had Sat/Sunday helped and they are all standing upright, I hope that's a good sign.
Below is my swaps from Chris, she says they spread, she does have loads in her gardens, so I have placed mine where there is room for them to grow. I am hoping they will help fill my side garden, all I want there is green all summer and loads of flowers.
I have two photo's here, can anyone give them a name, I can not recall what they looked like in flower, I must have seen them on one of my coffee and chat times in Chris's garden.
 I have not done much stitching, I have found a large piece of linen and I'm formulating a plan of action, I know what stitching I want to do, I just need the design.
Today is bright and sunny, not that warm, normal temperature for this time of year, but we were spoilt in April with the warm weather. I have been outside already, checking every thing is doing fine. I have turned into my dad, he checked his garden everyday before going to work.
We are planning a day out, not decided where we are going, but as it's a Bank Holiday here we will avoid the beaches and The New Forest, traffic will be horrendous.
What are your plans for today?


  1. I do not have too many flowers yet, a few brave little blossoms on the Fuchsias and Pelargoniums. My veg and herbs are doing well, the flowers on the broad beans are there but tight little buds. The rain has sent everything into overdrive, even my "rocket/damp squib" potatoes are growing like mad.

  2. Your garden is looking great, I really love the Acer. Today we are going for a look around a carboot.

  3. Your plants are looking amazing and you obviously enjoy your garden.

  4. Ooo I have those Peonies. Mine are 100 yr old!

  5. YOur flowers look so spectacular.

    Your Aquilegia's are called Columbine here. We have one in our front flower bed. It is growing, let's hope we get lots of blooms this year :)

  6. It looks like you're going to have a great blueberry harvest, there's lots of flowers on your plant. I love your yellow aquilegia, I've got quite a few in my garden, many self sown. I've got one which is yellow and red but no plain yellow ones, I may have to remedy that.

  7. Your garden's looking great. I'm impressed by your blueberry plant.

  8. Lovely photos of lovely plants - the blueberry looks amazing!

  9. Your garden is doing well
    Julie xxxxxx



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