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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

About time

Carrie Rose is in the frame
 And it's growing, 
I have decided to do the centre panel first
Once this area is finished I will stitch the left hand side
 Welcome another leaf on Orange pip
looking very strong
 We have started on the table
here with the first top coat
 Chair on left with first coat of white
on right with primer coat
I require another two cans, 
making this much more expensive than I first thought
but they are looking good. 
It's been a busy time, I have not done too much in the garden, the weather is a bit cool and now we have rain in our fore caste, good for the lawn it could do with another good soaking. I did manage to dig up some more plants and pass on, giving me some room in the front of my garden, I have seedling growing into nice plants, they won't be ready for another few weeks.
We should just miss the frost promised for tonight, typical of May, trick you into thinking lets plant and then it send you another cold spell.
We had a nice trip out on the bike on Sunday, not for too long, it was still a bit cool. This Sunday it is the ride of respect, Bikers all ride through Royal Wotton Bassett, hubby has done the ride many times, but it will be the first time for me, so we are watching the weather.
Work is still very busy, I am starting each day a bit earlier, we can store flexi time and then have time off, I am storing time for a Friday afternoon, hopefully soon we can book a weekend away. I am going to work Saturday morning as well as overtime, somehow we have got to catch up.
Not much else happening here, I love a quiet life, but with Chelsea Flower show starting on Sunday, loads of lush TV to look forward to.


  1. Lovely table and chairs.

  2. The table and chairs are looking good, Have a good bike ride at the week end, you should have a great time its great fun cycling in a group :-)

  3. Carrie Rose continues to be beautiful. I think the furniture will look great painted white.

  4. You're very talented (and patient!) to do such intricate needlework.

  5. I'm looking forward to Chelsea starting too! Fingers crossed there are no surprise frosts x



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