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Monday, 18 May 2015


A new colour for my Aquilegia collection
it looks very delicate
 these tiny daisies fascinate me as well
I love white and yellow flowers
 Blueberry flowers setting to fruit
 These flowers are growing fast
 I love the infill of these centre designs, they blend well.
For my next stitching, another SAL
I fancy almost no colour at all the design has only two colours,
I will add in a few shades, just green and grey.
 This give away has been on a few blogs, I won these from Kirsty I have taken my packet of seeds so it is time to pass them on, still another 4 packs left, originally from South Africa, if you want the chance to grow some, please leave a comment on this post. I will pull a name and post them this weekend.  Once you have the pack, you keep yours and then offer the rest on.
Work has been busy, we do not have enough time to do our tasks, and with three out of eight people not in the office, the work loads to huge. I am not stressing, we all work hard and feel the same way.
My walk around our little plot was wonderful this evening, I was pleased to see a different shade for my Aquilegia, I now have 4 different colours. The rain today has helped and followed by this lovely sunshine, plus the warmth, the plants are looking good.  I got my camera out to capture a robin at our back fence, but he disappeared once I returned with my camera.
We have another Bank holiday weekend, I hope to be able to put out some bedding plants, I have loads of French Marigolds (hubbies favourite flower) A couple of my spring pots are going over, so I can add colour in them. I want to purchase some red Salvia's a flower I love, just for one pot, I really do not have any more room anywhere!


  1. I would love a packet of seeds Marlene. Lovely stitching.


  2. Stitching and flowers, it doesn't get much better than that! All are lovely!

  3. Nice flowers you have blooming and your stitching is growing very well too.

  4. Marlene - Congrats on winning the seeds. Please - could I ask you to leave a comment on http://ecofootprintsa.blogspot.com/2015/03/piquante-pepper-harvest-and-giveaway.html - we're all on a voyage of discovery to see where these seeds travel too during the course of their journey :) Please - ask whoever else wins seeds from you to do the same. Thanks. Dani

  5. The top flower in the blog, we call them Columbines, is so pretty. Ours are now blooming and looking at them makes me so happy.

  6. Hello - just blog-hopping from Dawn's blog (Doing It For Ourselves in Wales). I have masses of Aquilegias in my garden, all different colours and petal types, though I think my yellow one has died. If you want some seeds from mine, I am happy to share.



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