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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Can't think of a title.

The wind has dropped
the past couple of days have been more like October than May
I have checked the garden and almost every thing is OK
My Jasmine on the back fence took a battering
but I have hooked it back up
 Peony, more flowers
this spot has been sheltered from the wind.
 Seedlings in  my chimney 
these are blue flowers
 For a friends birthday
she loves her garden
the topper I have had for ages.
No stitching, I am challenging myself to read on novel per month
A new author to me, not sure if I would read her again
this is looking a different types of depression
I have found some of it hard going
James Wong, just to help me produce as best I can in my small plot. 
 Today in UK we are voting for the next government, the polls suggest the main two parties are very close, we will have to wait and see the outcome. I will be glad when everything goes back to the new normal. Here is not the place to air any political opinions, suffice to say, some will be happy and others disappointed, it's going to be hard who every takes their place at 10 Downing Street. I just hope they keep their promises, none of them have done so in the past.
It has been a very interesting time for me, I had an email last week asking me to attend a meeting, on a different military base close to home, in which I have been offered another job, better paid, but not regular hours, some weeks full time and others weeks without work, I was considering it, I liked the idea of having some extra time off. Today at work, we were called to a meeting, our contract has been extended to the end of the year, and when other roles come up in different departments, we will be allowed to apply for them, they are wanting each of us to stay on into next year and beyond. Having had a chat with hubby, I have decided to stay where I am, I like the early starts and finishes, the ladies in the office are all nice and friendly. It was nice to be considered for the other role.
Tomorrow evening we are driving to Heathrow airport to pick up youngest daughter and her partner, home ward bound after their sunny break, lucky things.
The next section of Carrie Rose should be here soon, I am itching to get stitching it. I have also been formulating a plan for another huge design, I need colour in my stitching.


  1. Your title could be: Life goes on.

  2. How nice to be head hunted sometimes its better the devil you know, That James Wong book looks interesting I may have t have a look at that :-)

  3. It was windy here yesterday but it's been ok today, I managed to get the bedding dried on the line. Your chimney is going to look lovely when it's filled with flowers.

  4. Your peonies are so pretty . . . our bushes have about 24" of stalk and should be blooming by the end of May. They were always the flowers we would take to the cemetery for "Decoration Day."



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