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Monday, 1 June 2015

Two little boys

We went back to the ice cream parlour
5 of us, loads of different flavours
 Josh and Sam
They don't officially do child sizes
but they made this for Sam
Back home cards for Josh
sorry it won't turn around
can't see why my camera stops me rotating some photo's
Latest design Doctor Who
all I need to do is cut them out, Josh does the rest
It was a lovely day yesterday, both boys enjoyed their ice cream, their faces said it all, neither finished, but who cares, it was a great wet Sunday afternoon treat.
Back home we had cars out for Sam and Josh started filling in his cards, I am so pleased to be able to do something special for Josh. Next I will look at Thunderbirds, he has made his suggestion of what he would like.
Most of yesterday was lazy, Saturday was a full day of housework, I did stitch, show you next time, I am getting close to the finish line. I also have finished my book, another great read, the ending again was not what I was expecting.
We have been spending again, 2 items, 1st we have a new tumbler drier, I know, but they are useful and our old one (over 12 years old) is playing up. 2nd hubby has ordered my new computer today, we are having it built at Novatech, which is an on line company, whose showroom is just down the road. I will have the computer I want and not have things I don't use, we both have a desktop, so his has things which we don't need a second on mine, the most important is memory and storage, and I will have loads. As yet I have not downloaded the photo shop elements for playing with photo's, this computer would not take it.


  1. I love ice cream parlours, what a lovely treat. I had to have a new computer about a month ago, I have gone back to a desktop.

  2. That ice cream looks yummy.


  3. I'm married to a 'grown up little boy' who would love one of those ice-creams! Jx

  4. What a great time at the ice cream parlor! It looks like the boys were definitely enjoying themselves.

  5. That first photo looks like the. Best. Photo. In. The. World!

  6. Sounds like you had a good day, you can't beat an afternoon at an ice cream parlour x

  7. Those ice creams look yummy, what a treat. I used to have a washer/dryer but the dryer was rubbish so I never used it. When my washer recently broke I opted for just a washer this time. I used to have a separate dryer and much preferred it to a combination washer/dryer. I think having a computer built to your own specification is a good idea, as you say, you end up paying for things you're never going to use otherwise.

  8. Amazing ice creams, what a nice treat.



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