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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Royal Wootton Bassett

Hubby wearing his biker waist coat
only worn on fundraising days
 We are on an airfield just outside
Royal Wootton Bassett
 As you can see, there are a few of us
 We have all paid £10 each to be here
and many have come a long way,
for us it was over 100 miles
Raising money for Military charities, each year in May the bikes meet on the old air field and are sent off in groups of 1000, to ride the route taken by our fallen hero's when they were returned back to UK. The military now use a different airfield, so this ride is in respect of all those lost in recent wars around the world.
The local town of Wootton Bassett was given the title of Royal Wootton Bassett. People would gather to pay respect to the hearse when they passed, now they gather and clap and cheer, loads of waving, and everyone had a camera. The route went through small villages and on to Royal Wootton Bassett, every where young and old they waved and held their flags.
The day has been dry but cold, I was glad to get home, I am not keen being on the motorways on the bike, I prefer local roads and a slower pace. I am glad I made the trip, it's an interesting ride.
Plans for tonight are to stay warm and stitch.


  1. What an AWESOME way to honor the fallen soldiers.

    We have a group, The Patriot Guard, who "stand guard" at the funerals of our veterans and then leads the procession to the cemetery.

    They really started standing guard when rumors, or facts, got out that people were going to protest the recent war in the middle east by protesting at the funerals of the fallen soldiers.

    These men came by the hundreds to stand guard and keep the protestors away from the church and the family . . . they are awesome to see.

  2. I love it! We bikers are the same the world over...but for the big yellow license plates and British flags these could be photos of American Patriot Guard Riders! Thank you so much for sharing the day!

  3. Your hubby looks very spiffy in his jacket. Glad you had a good day and raising money for a good cause.

  4. It looks like a great event with everyone coming together to help much deserving charities.

  5. What a great event to be part of. So glad you had a super day and together raised lots of money for a good cause.

  6. A wonderful way to remember our fallen.

  7. What an interesting post! Hubby looks great. I do hope you had time to relax and stitch some.



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