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Monday, 25 May 2015

Another day out

We visited Corfe Castle today
Parked in the park and ride
 Took the train to the little town of Corfe
at this point we were missing Sam and Logan
loads of 'the boys would love this'
 Looking up to the castle
another ruin
 Local post office, 
The bottom of the building was full of modern signs
but I loved this window
 I waited for this photo
I wanted this street without cars
and got lucky without people as well
 Hubby and eldest daughter
 Back at the station
These cases were every where
as were milk churns, and I love milk churns
 Fliss brought me a gift for the garden
she knows mum loves Robins
It has been a lovely day, the drive home was bad it took us almost 4 hours to make the 2 hour drive, but we expected bad traffic. This evening I plan to read, I have started Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, another brilliant starting book.
Yesterday, work went well and I was home by 2.30pm, we had a wonderful Turkey roast, we are back to using up stuff from our freezers, more about that later. We lazed around after our meal and then wanted to do something, Fliss suggested popping into Portsmouth for a treat, in one of the two ice-cream parlours. This sundae had more calories in than I have eaten today, but it was lovely. We popped in to see Su and David and were in trouble for not inviting them, so next weekend all of us including Sam and Josh will go back for a treat.
Having the extra day off is brilliant, garden is looking good, nothing to do in the house and a day out with our daughter, we are enjoying having her home with us, which is good, because she will not be able to afford to live on her own or in a shared house for a while. Hubby is now only working 3 days per week, so he is able to help more around the house, but I am not allowed to call him a house husband, he does not like the term. 
We have been spending this week, firstly we have purchased a new fridge/freezer, but with a much bigger fridge, I do love the American style FF, but in our tiny kitchen we do not have the room for one. Our current FF will be put into our garage and we will get rid of the tall freezer we have, we do not require all the freezer space. The garage fridge will be used of all hubby's beers and stuff from his beer cooler, which again will go. Both we will put on freecycle, for anyone to take away, both are still working, just not what we have need for any more. I was very surprise hubby agreed to getting rid of his beer cooler, it is a huge talking point when we have BBQ's, but it does  take up loads floor space in his garage. 
Secondly I have put in an order for more stitching stash, mainly linen, I do require a big piece so I got it on line from a supplier I have used before. I am still keeping a list of every thing I spend, and it's not as high as I thought it would be. 


  1. It looks like you had a lovely day out and that sundae, wow! I have an American style fridge freezer but I'm not sure I'd buy one again, the freezer section is quite small because of the drink dispenser. I'd definitely go for separate fridge and freezer if I had room as I think you'd get more out of them. Love the little robin which Fliss bought for you.

  2. Sounds as if you had a wonderful day - we've done that trip a few times and always have a fantastic time.

  3. Ooh how lovely! :) i adore steam trains :)
    New follow from the UndomesticDiva xx

  4. Corfe Castle is lovely, somewhere I have visited myself.

  5. It looks like a really fun trip Marlene.


  6. Thanks for sharing that delightful trip. Some things are just worth the calories! That sundae looks like it was!



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