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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Before the rain

Tomorrow is  promised a day of rain
but tonight it is lovely, just a bit cold
Three different Aquilegia's, the yellow is the best
hoping the blue and white will catch up
these are this year's star, I have passed on almost 20 plants.
 Peony, simply stunning
 I love the flowers on  my chives
each year I let them grow
they soften this tall pot with my bay tree in
 Through the Magnolia tree
still a few pink blooms
 Much better photo of my orange seedling
 Free Orchids
love these tiny flowers
 These larger flowers are just as nice.
So many pretty flowers inside and out, I love the growing season, I was given a tray of stocks in swap for plants, they are in the greenhouse, I plan to get everything in the ground last weekend in May.
The raised veg garden is full of growing neat lines, I will sow a few more rows of carrots.
The green houses are full, mainly bedding plants in one, the other is my hotter greenhouse and holds, chillies, citrus plants, Avocado, which is hanging in there. My Cucamelon is staring the thicken out.
On the decking the fruit bushes are full of flowers and tiny swelling fruits. The tomato plants have doubled in size, they are in a huge round pot. I aim to add a ring of French marigolds around the outside to hide the bottom of the plants.
Today Sam and Josh came after school, Sam and I took a walk to our local shops, he chatted all the way. I have now turned the football cards into Star War cards, Josh is over the moon. They are both coming back tomorrow, so loads more laughter.
I spoke last time of our day out on Sunday, loads of bikes going to Royal Wotton Basset, Dawn commented on riding bikes, but these are motorbikes, it's the Ride of Respect, which happens each year, 1000's of bikes meet at an old airfield and are sent around the route, which is full of people watching, we pay to attend and all monies raised are given to forces charities.


  1. Love the photos, I was digging up little self seeded Aquilegias today, I am going to be tight and keep them all myself this year. I am involved in a plant and produce swap group though. A few of us got our heads together and are growing different groups of veg, as they ripen we will swap. The same with plants, I will be swapping cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers for cauliflowers, aubergines and dill.

  2. I do like your aquilegias, I spotted a random purple one amongst one of my beds the other day. It's a busy time in the garden isn't it x

  3. I was going to move some self seeded Aquilegias today but didn't get round to it so I will do it after the rain, I have no idea what colour these ones are :-)

  4. All the flowers are just beautiful. My peonies are just budding. It has been very cool this week.

  5. My peonies ( three varieties ) are all still tightly in bud. Those blue and whites would go perfectly in my garden!

  6. It's so busy in the garden at this time of year. My greenhouse is bursting at the seams, everything waiting to go outside. My chives are waiting to flower too, I'm looking forward to it as the bees love their blooms.

  7. I have never seen an Aquilegia before, they are lovely, I love the blue and white one, I might look out for them in the future x

  8. I love the aquilegias I'm definitely going to get some for my garden at some point. I might so some drive by seed borrowing when I see some drying later in the year.



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