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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Up close

We went for a walk on Bank Holiday Monday to
The Forest of Bere
I played with macro shots
 Flowers and depth of field
I love bluebells
 Simple subjects
 Cow slips a real sign of spring
 Blossom, so pretty and growing in the car park 
I did take more photo's but they have been entered for our end of course competition, and can not been shown anywhere on the internet. I am not expecting to win, I will be happy just to get a few likes against one or two photo's. Tonight is our last meeting, we will all go for a curry next Thursday.
I used the Pinesol last weekend, I made the mixture 50/50, and sprayed our wooden fence, normally a place where there are loads of flies, we sat and ate our meal and was almost fly free, so for me it is working, I will need to spray each time we sit outside. It does smell divine, nice and clean, I want to soak some fabric in the Pinesol and hang them up to see if that works as well.
Just a four day working week, and Tuesday has already gone, it will soon be the weekend again. On Saturday, we are having a day at the Lulworth Cove, stunning location, and hope to learn alot more about our camera's.
The wind is very strong today, no problems in the garden, just loads of petals from the Magnolia tree all over the lawn, but I don't really mind picking them up.


  1. What lovely photos....you should stand a good chance of a prize I should think! Lulworth Cove is lovely isn't it, if a bit touristy - although you should be ok this time of year I expect.

  2. Lovely photos. Lulworth Cove is a beautiful place.

  3. Lovely photos,I must get a macro lens next.

  4. Beautiful pics Marlene, love the depth on those bluebells!

  5. Lovely photos! Especially the ladybird, I haven't seen any yet this year. Cowslips are one of my favourite wild flowers, I will have to go and look for some on the coast. Good luck with the competition.x

  6. Lovely photos, I especially like the dandelion seedhead.



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