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Thursday, 21 May 2015


Oca planted in potato bags
the green pegs are around the edge, so I can balance a soil sifter on.
They stop the squirrels from digging.
Nice shoots and growth.
 Inside the greenhouse, just one level here
I have loads of bedding plants another 50 French Marigolds, 
some Salvia, purchased from Tesco £2
I hope to get these out this weekend
 Fruit garden
My gooseberry bush at the end is looking good
I hope this year I have stopped the saw fly
so far the leaves are clean
at the other end and out of shot, Blackcurrants are forming, 
won't get many but it's a start
 Raspberries and Strawberries
 I love my bee bell, it sits in a corner of the garden,
 under the roses, just in case
 Grace looks like an angel, who last night disappeared 
10 minutes before we had to get her to the vets for her check up
it's rebooked for tomorrow, if she chooses to hang around
 This is my next stitch along, it cost 5 euro's
the first part is out in 3 weeks. 
I am doing it in pale green and grey
I have not stitched all week, I have a sore spot and dried broken skin on my finger tip, and the sewing needle keeps catching it, so I have tried to let it heal.
Plus I have been watch Chelsea Flower Show, it's so inspiring, so much perfection. I love the gardens, each different and always each has something I love, I prefer my garden to have a rustic aged look, I am not into hard slick landscaping. Most of the gardens this year are more to my taste, plus we get to see Monty Don each evening!
My own garden is good, I have done some watering tonight, the fruits are forming well and my young veg is looking healthy. Something is attacking my roses, I have picked loads off, but I think I will need to spray them this weekend.
I still have the pepper seeds to give away from my last post, if you want to be in the draw leave a comment, I will sort it on Saturday.
We have another long weekend, with nothing planned. I hope the weather is warmer, it's June in 10 days and still cold every evening along the South Coast.


  1. All that promise of summer fruit, here's hoping you have a bountiful harvest :-)

  2. Went to a local gardening center and bought two plants doe my BFF wholets us stay at her house when we visit home and we got a vining plant with big puff balls of white. It will go by our front steps.

    Webt t abiter center and bought some marrigolds and snapdragons, their perrenials are not as nce as the 1st stop of the day

    Gee also got 3 patio tomatoes, a green and a red peper and two more veggies . . so I guess we will eat this summer :)

  3. That is going to be a very pretty stitching project. All the garden things look wonderful. I love the summer berries!

  4. I've got the dreaded sawfly on my gooseberries, they're such pests, there's hardly any leaves left now even though Mick's been picking the blighters off. I've got a bee bell but I've never had any bees in it yet. Grace must know what's coming, that's why she took off. Archie's fine until he sees the vet's door and then he turns on his heels and we have to drag him inside. There aren't any Chelsea gardens which have really caught my attention this year, there's either too much wood or too many weeds. Who knew that weeds would be grown especially for a Chelsea garden.

  5. Fingers crossed the sawfly has missed my bushes this year too. I like your bee bell x

  6. Our cat always runs off when its time for the vet.... makes you wonder how they know!



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