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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunny Sunday

I did house work yesterday
one task was to put my posh hat back in the drawer under my bed
I don't use this drawer much, the bedside table stops me from opening it.
Inside I saw a box given to me from my mum after my dad passed away back in 1986
 Inside was his driving licence
13 pages from 1949 to 1968 
to start with each year and then every 3 years,
those days you had to reapply for your licence
The annual licence cost 5 shillings (25p)
the 3 year licence cost 15 shillings (75p)
 Each year he signed the licence and stuck the page in the booklet,
It is falling to bits, but I love it.
Dad was a lorry driver, a working man
so for me, this is part of him. 
 I have tucked it back in the drawer, nice and safe
I am trying something new, Kiwi seeds, the fruit was not very ripe, so I'm not sure about the seeds, I have them on wet kitchen paper, kept on the warm sunny window sill. I will keep you informed.
Work this morning was good, because no other department was in and the phones turned off, we ploughed into the backlog and made a good headway, by tomorrow it will just as bad, there are three people out of 8 away (1 sick,1 holiday &1 seconded to another department). Well I have done my bit. Hubby was a great help and cleaned bathrooms, so later we are going out on the bike.
This evening, I have a few more plants to dig out and pass them to Chris across the road, Win has a few plants for me, but they are not ready, she has too many stocks, not some thing I would normally grow.


  1. LOVE the drivers license.

    Somewhere, and I don't know where they ended up after we moved, are Mom and Dad's Library Cards. One day, I will frame them with mine . . they are all the original and have the metal mini-plate on them with their library number.

    I just LOVE old things that I can display.

  2. I have my mum's driving licence like that :-)

  3. Wow - not seen a driving licence like that before. What a lovely memory to have.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. There's always a drawer in the bed which never gets opened because of the bedside table. What a lovely thing of your dad's to have. I didn't know you had to reapply for a driving licence in those days, I think that's something they should think about bringing back, there's so many loonies on the road these days. I'm growing stocks, they're gorgeous flowers for the house as they smell divine.

  5. What a lovely thing to have of your Dad's; I have to admit to being rather relieved that we don't have to keep reapplying for our licenses now! I've never tried growing kiwi seeds - I'll be very interested to know how they turn out. x



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