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Monday, 16 February 2015

Sew and stitch

These flowers brighten up my kitchen window, 
such a stunning shade of pink
loads of buds in there, this was purchased the week before Christmas
 Yesterday morning I sorted all my fat quarters, 
I have been collecting for a while, I would like to do some patchwork, 
I have not purchased any for a purpose, I have just collected what I like.
 I love the printed fabric with leaves and flowers, I would like to embroider over some of the lines. I also have plain colours so I can have central squares, which I can put a design on. At this point I do not know what to make. A couple of new cushion covers for the sofa, or a nice tote shopping bag.
 I sat for a while late yesterday afternoon and stitched, I have to fill the tree, plus a few more snowflakes and one last cute bird, this will be finished soon. I will make into another small cushion.
I have joined another SAL, a very simple one, with a square each month, from a French site, I love the simple style. I check through my growing stash and did not have any of the correct colour fabric, and for once I wanted to use the suggested shade, so a small quick order is on it's way to me.
We had a very informative evening last night, we were located in a car park in Portsmouth looking across water to a main road into the city, with a boat wreck in the foreground. I managed to get a few good photo's, and loads of great tips. I am using my big camera more and always on Manual, plus it was not so cold.
It's very dull and grey here again, I have a bit of house work to do and then a walk down to the village, we are due rain later.


  1. Cyclamen are lovely plants for this time of year, so bright and cheery in the depths of winter. It sounds as though your photography is coming on a treat, your lessons must be well worth it. I'm still unsure about using my camera on manual settings, I keep having a go from time to time but most of my photos are taken on automatic.

  2. Cyclamen are so pretty, especially the miniature ones. Very dull and grey here, raining all day too xx

  3. Such pretty fabric Marlene. Skaters is looking awesome.


  4. I enjoy my plants on the windowsills, if the day is gloomy I drop the blinds behind the plants and forget the weather. Youn have a lovely collection of Fat Quarters there, it made my fingers twitch to se them.

  5. Such pretty flowers. They give a good preview of Spring!

  6. Lovely collection of fabrics



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