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Thursday, 12 February 2015


Loads of chocolate
Tomorrow I will make the 4 baskets for Saturdays dessert
I promise photo's next time
Please note these have been in the fridge for 2 days and are unopened. 
 Yesterday was a curl up in a chair day, I spent the whole afternoon reading
Lovely book, has me hooked
 My lady has a scarf and hair
The scarf was my colour choice.
 Next faces and more snowflakes, 
and yes I am avoiding the white snow drift at the bottom
 Free Orchids, beautiful white flowers.
I have 2 plants in bloom
I gave Su another plant in bloom
2 more with bud forming
These are going to last me months.
Last night was our photography club, we were snapping drops of water falling, to get us used to our camera settings, I did not have the best evening, Whilst understanding what we are doing, I have difficulties in putting it into practice.
My car is in the garage today for a service, so I am at home all day, laundry is already in the machine. I did housework yesterday and I should do some ironing.
But I feel crafty, I have to finish hubby's Valentine card, I started it but stalled, and the book is calling. I also need to get into the attic and find my fabric store, a day with my sewing machine is planned.
Josh and Sam are coming for tea tonight, it's parents evening at their school, both boys love school, so we are not expecting any problems. We are having Pizza for tea, they both love pizza.
I am planning a trip back to my childhood village next week to stay with Martin my brother, 5 days on my own. Time to spend with my sister Leanna, Grandson Logan, and Larriane who I have not seen for 20+ years ( niece if my 1st husband, found again on Facebook). Hubby and Daughter will have to find their own fun without me.


  1. I've heard good things about that book so it's currently on my wishlist. I have two orchids in bloom at the moment too, one was a gift last Christmas from a friend and the other was a gift from about six years ago from Mick's auntie and uncle, it comes back in to flower around Christmas time each year, though it's a little late this year.

  2. When I buy chocolate it has to stay well hidden as I am easily tempted.

  3. I've just finished reading that book.
    ooo choccie ... yummy!
    Have fun with the boys.

  4. Your photography class sounds interesting. I would love to learn how to take photos properly. I'm a 'automatic' setting, point and click person.

  5. Nice choice for the girl's scarf. It makes an interesting addition to the red and whites used.

  6. Skaters is just to cute.


  7. Now that's what I call yummy, all your chocolate.

    Beautiful stitching, and enjoy your little break.


  8. Your sewing as always is beautiful :) I've added that book to my list of 'To read'. I struggled with the water drops too in photography and still can't master it very well. Sounds like you had a perfect day relaxing. I could not leave chocolate like that - has to be well out of sight :)



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