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Thursday, 5 February 2015


I have finished the 1st tree on skaters
no further changes here.
 It's very pretty
I have also stitched 5 Santa's on my band. 
 Flower 5 on my Amaryllis 
Just stunning.
My roses purchased last Tuesday are still looking good
I have removed a couple, but most will last to the weekend
I was going to take a photo of our cats, but as they are still sleeping in their baskets as seen here , no point. It is trying to snow this morning, but just light flurries, not expecting any to stay.
I have had the answer from my lost parcel, Royal Mail turned the claim down because there was no house number on the address. So £26 lost, the error was mine, but the response from the site was very poor. I won't give the site name, as up to this point they have been great, and I have used them loads of times as a returning customer. But I do feel her attitude to this lost delivery has been at best, I'm a nuisance, and I have had to chase her each stage for information, I had to chase our postman and sorting office, and in her email to the Royal Mail, she stated I had made the error, but would not confirm if she had put her return address on the parcel. Our postman is confident the parcel did not arrive at the sorting office, which it should have with the street and postcode on.  I now have found another site to use, who on their 1st order was quicker with responses and delivery.
Last night hubby and I joined a photography course, at a local studio, the aim is to learn all about our camera's, it's 12 weeks and Richard is very keen for everyone to get the most out of their camera's. There were 3 people from previous courses there to help, between them they all had knowledge of our camera's. I am looking forward to the coming weeks, I do like his style, already I have learnt things about my camera.
This afternoon I have a stitchy friend coming over, so loads of stitching, coffee and gossip.


  1. Love the stitching. I use a company call Sew and So, they are good and the postage is reasonable.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I tried to avoid royal mail, I have had so much go missing, I tend to use a courier now.

  3. What a disappointing result about your parcel. I think all you can do now is put it down to experience and shop elsewhere. I had my delivery from Sew and So, they were really quick and I had a good service. The postage price was excellent too so I shall definitely shop with them again. How exciting, a photography course, do let us know how you get on.

  4. Disappointing news over your missing parcel, your stitching is really lovely though & your photography course sounds fun. x

  5. Not a good outcome regarding your missing parcel. Enjoy the photography course, lots of lovely pics coming up for us to see soon then....

  6. Congrats on the cute finish Marlene.


  7. Sorry about your parcel. Love the sewing though. Enjoy your course - I enjoyed mine when I did it a few years ago.



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