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Saturday, 14 February 2015


I have the dark chocolate setting on the balloons
I then added the white chocolate
and lastly the milk
The trick is getting the set chocolate cold enough, and the melted next layer cool enough, 
so they sit on top of each other. I will show the finished pots in next post. 
They have not come out great, it was better using the bigger balloon. 
 Just using up the rest of the melted chocolate, every spoon broke coming out the molds.
 The card I made hubby was very simple this year
He always buys me flowers, but only from the supermarket
not the over priced ones
 These look red in the face from all the skating
they are both finished 
 The two birds should sit on a wire, and the snow flakes hang from the wire
I did a couple of rows of the snow at the bottom
Next I will count the snow out to the second tree
 I finished the book, Daughter by Jane Shemilt, the story line is the mothers story after her teenage daughter is abducted, very well written, so many layers. Great read, not dark at all.
Rod and Maureen came for afternoon tea, a nice way to spend a couple of hours. Maureen was concerned because Kev was not at home, and asked all afternoon where is Kev, is he at work, poor Rod was worried, but I answered each question from her as if it was the first time of asking. Purdy loves Maureen so they had loads of cuddles.
Today Josh and Sam are going to Grandma's for the half term week, she has them every half term, I will miss them, we see much more of them, at least 2 or 3 times a week. it's a long journey, Manchester is a 5 hour drive.
Nothing planned for the weekend, we hope to have some fun with our camera's, I am having a 1to1 on Tuesday with our tutor, he is going to run through every thing with me, hopefully I can then grasp the settings.
Tonight we are at home together, we planned a nice home made meal. I find Valentine's day so over commercial, restaurants and shops have their idea how it should be, all shiny slick, but romance and life is just not like that. Our's won't be perfect for everyone, but for us it will be fun and real. One note we are doing dry February, so no wine, not that I will miss it.
For the first time this week we have sunshine, how much nicer every thing feels when the sun is shinning. I might be nice to get an hour in the garden.
PS, I'm looking for another book to read, any suggestions.


  1. The chocs look yummy. Have you ever tried painting melted chocolate in cupcake cases? Paint with pastry brush let the chocolate set completely and carefully peel the paper away and you have little chocolate dishes. (Tip - You need to paint three or four layers and make extra in case of accidents when peeling the paper away) Love the skaters.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Chocolate looks good, I would be nibbling away at the white!

  3. chocolate looks fab, looking forward to seeing it all finished

  4. The chocolate looks very good, I must have a look on Amazon at the moulds, have a great weekend x

  5. Congrats on the cute finish Marlene. The chocolate looks yummy.


  6. I love all the different chocolate shapes and look forward to seeing the baskets all finished. Your skaters are lovely.

  7. I think your evening sounds great. We are away visiting family or would be doing much the same thing. I love that little design you are doing! It is so colorful and cute!

  8. Your chocolate looks delicious.



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