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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Finish, start and regrowth

My SAL 2015, 
I have caught up with the first two squares. 
I love the simplicity of this design.
Skaters are back on the rota
 Cucamelon seed's, these are the only seeds I have planted this year.
 Free flowers
last time these were white
I only ever purchase white flowers
 The promise of more to come
plant in the front has very small flowers
A gift from my sister, this wooden heart, our Christmas present, 
Not something I would purchase for myself, but I do love it.
Just two photo's from tonight, one with a slow shutter speed
 second with fast shutter speed.
It is past our bed time, but we have had such a good evening at photography club and I am still buzzing, Richard our tutor is so clever, he set's us up and tells us what we should achieve, and then stands back, ensuring we use the settings until we get the photo's we want.
Yesterday was busy with laundry and some housework, with an early night, I am always tired when returning from family visits, today was a lazy day, I did stitching this afternoon.
Tomorrow I am hoping to get the sewing machine out and make another patchwork cushion, using the same fabrics as before but in a different style. I have decided on the finished front and back to use plain red fabric for the outside pieces to make up as a cushion, not a colour I would normally use, but I think it will enhance the patchwork. This second one will have blue fabric, all I have to do is purchase the fabrics.
Thank you for your comments on my last post, I get two reactions from my folded bags, one is 'brilliant' and the second is 'your weird' I just find them so handy.
I watched  the film Gone Girl over the weekend, brilliant film, very clever storyline. I want to watch Boyhood next, still looking for a book to read.


  1. The two squares of the design are so pretty!! A lovely job!

  2. Such a pretty design Marlene.


  3. I use red and a sky blue to frame my scrappy blocks quite often. Both colours make the blocks pop, I use white and a pale grey sometimes but am addicted to using as much colour as possible.

  4. Glad the photography went well, my son helps me he is a whizz at most things.

    Curious about the Cyclam seeds, when the flowers die you remove the head and let it dry out and get the seeds is that right?

  5. I haven't sown any seeds yet but I'm itching to do so, I'm trying to hold off for a while longer but this weekend might just see a start. Great photos, it's good when you can actually see what the different settings achieve, it makes you understand what they're actually for then.

  6. Very pretty stitching design, its growing well.

  7. I have no idea about shutter speeds but after seeing your photos I really want to learn. I love the one with a slow shutter speed



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