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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


This is my 1st attempt at patchwork
Pam does inspiring work, so I here's my design
 I made 4 strips of fabric, each piece an inch wide, total 4 inch wide panels, I am a control freak, so I found it very hard to put the colours together, 
these were changed around loads of times, 
I checked your blog Pam to see how you do it. 
I then cut them in half so I have two of each.
This is going to be a cushion cover, I will make the back the same, I have stitched the outer two panels together. I am thinking I will put a stone plain piece of fabric in the center where I have placed the pink card, this I would stitch a design on. But I also have a nice piece of Embroidery Anglaise, in a stone shade, which would fit.
 I am going to sleep on it and finish this tomorrow.
I have just the center panel to stitch together, then I will stitch the outer panels to it. Each square is a four inch square, so they balance the panels. It is precision stitching,  but I do want the corners to match up, so I am using my measure at every stage.  I intend to put a boarder around the whole piece. The design is one I sketched, not to hard for me, but enough to stretch my creativity. I will have to get same wadding, which I can get when I am in Somerset later this week.
How was your afternoon..........


  1. well done very adventurous for your first attempt :-)

  2. I like the way you layered your strips in the first picture. It could be a design for another cushion cover.

  3. It's good to try new things. It's looking good so far.

  4. It is looking good Marlene, no one would guess that it is your first. I have been cutting strip sets up today, tedious but it will be worth it tomorrow.

  5. love what you are doing so far, very pretty.

  6. The fabrics work well together in the configurations you chose. I find it hard to group differing patterns together, I guess it gets easier with practice.

  7. It's looking great, far neater than my first attempt x



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